Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Her Ears the Phones are Tight and the Music's Playing Loud

Sorry guys, I didn't get a chance to take more photos, so you'll just have to view my daisies from a different angle tonight. I figured out how to load songs into my phone, so I've been spending too much time loading my computer with music and then putting it into my phone. I'm one of those people who has boxes of CDs and it can take some time to obsessively look for music and organize play lists and such.

I know I talk about the fact that I run on here a lot. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it, but I'm going to write about it some more anyway. If you know Iowa City at all, you're aware that it is a relatively small town, that can feel smaller and smaller the longer you live here. People who I've never seen before will stop me on the street and try to talk to me about the fact that they see me running, or others just call me runner girl. It doesn't bother me. I've been called WAY worse and I don't really have much to say to those who want to talk to me about my addiction. What's there to say? It's meditative, it's a free high and no thanks, I don't need a running partner, one of the best things about running for me is that it gives me an hour to myself.

Tonight I was at the grocery store buying some crap. I told Stinky she could have a sleepover. Normally, I'm one of those "everything in moderation" kind of people when it comes to food. We try to eat healthy, but I'm not a Nazi about it. I do make an exception when it comes to sleepovers and road trips - moderation goes out the window and we have a license to eat junk. We're still Americans after all, godammit. So, where was I? Uhhh...Yes, the grocery store.

I was looking at donuts, because I'm pretty sure it's a law that you have to eat donuts when you wake-up the next morning at a sleepover and I don't want to go to jail. This guy, who I actually recognized because he used to come into one of the coffee shops I worked at several years ago, came up to me. I figured he was just going to say hi and move on, but I was wrong. Instead, he said, "I can't believe you're looking at that kind of food. Do you really want to erase all the good you do when you run by eating that stuff?"

"What? Oh, I was just...Yeah. Ha ha." I can be really eloquent when I have to think on my feet.

"I was just a little surprised, that's all," he said and waited for a better response from me.

"I can be kind of surprising sometimes," I said and then made-up some lame excuse about why I needed to get going.

I can't imagine giving a shit what anyone eats - unless it was a baby or something and then I'd be appalled and I'd stop you in the store to judge you.


Mr Atrocity said...

I hate people like that. The urge to choke them to death with a cheese burger is almost overwhelming. Health Nazis terrify me. And I eat pretty healthily generally.

mist1 said...

Nice. Clearly, he wanted to erase his outwardly normal appearance by opening his mouth and revealing his moronic tendencies.

AlienCG said...

What? Donuts aren't healthy? If that guy was hitting on you, he wasn't doing a very good job of it.

Babybull40 said...

did you stuff a donut in his face.. cause I would've.. What a dickhead.. What's it to him anyway..If he was attempting to pick you up then he's lousy at it..
Eat donuts and be merry...

evil-e said...

I don't know if you do this, but I do....because I work out and run (not like you) I feel I have earned that junk food by putting in the time.

He was hitting on you!

Tara said...

I was pleasantly surprised about my usually health-conscious, almost vegetarian sister-in-law when I saw her go nuts in a convenient store one time. We were driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas and she wanted to stop for junkfood and actually bough pork rinds. I was so impressed.

notfainthearted said...

Wow. If that was his attempt to strike up a friendly conversation, he needs to go back for remedial training.

As for the vegetarian SIL who bought pork rinds...huh? I'm a fully blooded carnivore and I won't eat those things. Maybe she thought they really didn't have pork in them? (because I'm pretty sure they don't actually. Hey, my "fat" isn't really me so why should the pig's be?

Ondine said...

nice to know someone is keeping an eye out, er, I mean keeping tabs, or, no stalking you. who was it? do i know him?

booda baby said...


You had me all reminscent-y. I wasn't running in IC - the damage to the foot was already done - but I walked and walked and walked. Even though I had a car.

And then you reminded me of how you have to just leave any anonymity at the door. It's kind of charming for a year or two, that people recognize you on the street, but after that it's invasive and time consuming and asks for stuff I don't feel at ALL like giving.

I'm not even sure he was judging. They just feel like it's their obligation to say SOMETHING, anything.

Margaret said...

I vote he was hitting on you, badly, but hitting on all the same

Poptart said...

I'm with the hitting on you bandwagon. But jeez, what a dickly way! Bad food, and the ability to eat it if I feel like it, is WHY I exercise...

fringes said...

He's just jealous.

Shaymus O'flatulence's Blog said...

do-nuts are healthy as long as you dont eat the hole in the gives you wind

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

I'm right there with you.


He did a good job at that.


I had no idea donuts weren't healthy either until he said something.


I wish I had thought to do that.


I would be surprised if he were hitting on me. All he did was piss me off.


Even I can't do pork rinds.


He didn't seem very friendly to me.


I don't think so. I don't see him around town very often.

Booda Baby,

It's definitely an Iowa City thing.


If he was, he's likely to be single for the rest of his life.


Me too.


Ah, that makes more sense.


I'll keep that in mind.

l.b. said...

I wouldn't have had a quick comeback for that douche-y guy either, but later I would have had a million of them.
He probably thought he was being all rico suave or something...

Churlita said...


Oh, I had a million of them after the fact too.