Thursday, June 21, 2007

And My Affection, Well it Comes and Goes

Here are more wildflowers just chillin' and hanging out with some grain.

Hey, it's the first day of Summer, yo. Please don't punch me when I tell you that this will be the only week this month that I've had to work all 40 hours. Last Friday I took a half day off and ran and then went to the pool and stuck my feet in the water and read comic books. (did I tell you that already?) Anyway, it was awesome. The only problem was that I couldn't find the top to my swim suit. I used one of my daughter's, but it didn't really match, so I made a trek to the big scary maul in Coralville tonight. The mall is way less daunting when you go during the week when there's hardly anyone there.

So, yeah, tomorrow most of the people in our office are taking vacation. Much like being at the mall, work seems so much better when no one else is there. John will also be gone and even though he drives me crazy ninety percent of the time, I'll miss his bizarre sense of humor when I'm going out of my head with boredom at three o'clock.

John is one of those guys who used to be thin when he was younger, but has really blossomed in his forties. Today when we did that thing where you bump fists to give each other props, our rings hit. So, of course I had to say, "Wonder Twin powers activate. Form of..."

And John answered, "...Form of a big, fat guy."

"Okay. What would your superhero powers be as a big, fat guy?"

"Well, I would be able to eat three whole pizzas at one sitting..." John said.

"How would that help fight crime?"

"It wouldn't. I'd just have an excuse to eat three pizzas at one sitting without getting in trouble with my wife."

So, maybe instead of talking about superhero powers with John, I'll actually do something productive at work tomorrow afternoon, - like adding to my link list on my blog.


Brando said...

Oh, the joy of C Ridge. You would think a place full of kids spending their parent's money would have a better mall.

Mr Atrocity said...

I want the super-power to drink pints of tea and eat cake without feeling the least bit guilty. Oh wait, I already do. Wow, does that mean a real fully-fledged X-Person?

Remiman said...

Mall shopping ranks just below attending funerals on my list of abyssmal activities.

Wild flowers...pure un-genetically modified by the hand of man.... are plain and simple beauty of the highest regard.

Babybull40 said...

Mall shopping is daunting and very scary... I hate going to the mall on a Saturday.. it's the busiest time.. unless you hit the Walmart at 8 am.. then you basically have the entire store to yourself and shop to your hearts content..

Margaret said...

maybe you should bring 3 pzzas to work and have superpower day

booda baby said...

Nice try, as if doing something productive's better than talking super hero powers.

I don't know how super powers work, but aren't some super hero's powers way better and WAY more fun than, say, other super powers? Doesn't someone have to be at the bottom of the chain? Or are you all equal?

evil-e said...

What was the problem with the swim suit? No top would not be a problem to me at all!

I will be rarely working 40 hours this summer as well, it is a good feeling. I am off today as a matter of fact.

booda baby said...

Oh! I just remembered that I forgot to say how much I LOVE your photo. How do you see stuff like that?! If I was sending postcards from Iowa, I'd skip the pix of piggies and pick this instead in one heartbeat.

Woman with kids said...

I just found your blog, great photos! And wonder twin power? Nicely done.

Churlita said...


I know. The sad thing is that it's supposed to be one of the best malls in the state.

Mr Atrocity,

You are definitely a superhero.


I concur on both counts.


Now that my girls are older, I don't have to be up at 8 on a Saturday morning.


Mmmmm pizza.

Booda Baby,

I'm not sure if there's a caste system to superpowers or not? I would like to be able to fly, if I had a choice, though.


There were a lot of little kids I could damage for life like that.

Booda Baby,

Thanks. I walk around outside a lot.

Woman With Kids,

Thanks. I like your blog too.