Monday, June 04, 2007

The Hour's Getting Late

Here is Stinky in kindergarten, when I could still help her with her homework.

As Poptart mentioned in my comments, today was like a Monday and a Friday for me. I was conflicted all day. At first I wanted to be all grouchy and fatalistic and kept telling everyone who would listen that there wasn't enough caffeine in the world. Then I'd remember I was going to be off for two days, and so I was suddenly hopeful and giddy, but I was still telling everyone who would listen that there wasn't enough caffeine in the world.

I saw each of the girls for exactly a half an hour after work. Coadster was geeking out on the computer, grumbling that she couldn't find the song she wanted for her Myspace profile. I got to hear a little about her day, as I drove her to the end of school party she went to. Stinky came home after hanging out at Hickory Hill Park, just as I was getting ready to go running. Her dad was going to drive her downtown to The United Action for Youth end of the year party.

When left to my own devices, I checked out what was on demand. Amazingly, I saw that they put the whole Band of Brothers series on, so I could finally finish it. Last time, they only had the first five episodes. I watched the sixth one with Mr Dateman. Although it wasn't as much fun watching it by myself as it was with M.D., the show was still pretty damn good. And now? Now I must go and finish the very last episode and start my pretend weekend. Yea me!


Remiman said...

Love those midweek weekends!
Do you need as much caffiene when you're off? ;-)

Babybull40 said...

I use to dread being off during the week.. it always goes by so quickly.. but I dealt with it...enjoy what time you do get off..

booda baby said...

Isn't it weird how quickly what we do gets connected to who we do it with? I wouldn't doubt it's why I cultivated a preference for doing things by myself, so I wouldn't have to peel off the memories of someone else every time.

Rachel said...

I had a great week last week.

off Monday, work Tuesday
Off Wednesday, work Thursday
Off Friday, work Saturday
Off Sunday.

This week is back to the old grind though. Monday - Friday.

evil-e said...

Monday / Tuesday fake weekends rule. Enjoy the don't have to work yet.

Poptart said...

So true Booda Baby! I'm the same way. The memories of companions past makes some just-regular-old things turn a little bittersweet sometimes...

I love the color-sorting pic!!

Maybe I want Ale's kindergarten life.

fringes said...

I'm catching up on your blog. I'm glad you had a good weekend. Glad things are still kicking with Mr Dateman. Does he have any stuff at your place yet? A deck of cards? A change of clothes? Things that go shimmy into that good night?

Lynnster said...

Have a great time (NOT a pretend time) on your pretend weekend!!

Churlita said...


No. I don't need much caffeine at all when I'm not working.


I try to enjoy all my time off.

Booda Baby,

You are always so right on.


That does sound like the perfect weekend.


And when I go back to work, it will be Thursday already.


It was better than her last year of pre-school. Remember, that's when she had meningitis.


No. I usually go to his place, but I take out what I bring in.


Thanks. I have been so far.