Sunday, June 17, 2007

Your Everlasting Summer, You Can See it Fading Fast

Here are some ditch lilies for you.

Well, kids... Uh, yeah. I'm a little worse for wear today and it's all my own fault. It seems I am forty-one years old, but my brain still functions like it did when I was fifteen. Which means, that everything I did on Saturday night seemed like a great idea while it was going on, but I completely forgot that it might not feel quite so awesome the next day. Apparently, I am a genius.

I try to be careful about telling people how great I think my girls are. Part of it is that, yeah, yeah, we all know that everyone loves their own kids and thinks they're amazing and blah and blah and blah. The other part is that I know the minute I get all gushy about them, is right about the time I come home to find them both pregnant, clutching their forties wrapped in paper bags and partying with bikers in my living room. So, at the risk of bringing on behavior worthy of an After School Special, all I can say is that my daughters were totally kick-ass today. While I was "resting", they either quietly listened to music and read or watched movies. They didn't even fight all day. The best part, is that they didn't ask me why I was being all lame and zoned-out, they must have just assumed I had a migraine. A lie of omission isn't a real lie, is it?


Mr Atrocity said...

"Lie" is such a dirty word. I prefer the late Alan Clark's choice of words: "economical with the actualité."

Remiman said...

You think they don't know their mother?

Babybull40 said...

They are on a "Need to know basis"
they didn't need to know.. Really.. They have their own teenage angst to deal with...nevermind a 41 yr old teenager..

Margaret said...

ditch lillies make me smile... as did your description of the pregnant teens drinking 40's in the livingroom

notfainthearted said...

Think of it this way...your Sunday "migraine" can serve as a cautionary tale for them. Sort of an all-in-the-family After School Special. Maybe?

Or you just got lucky today ;-)

booda baby said...

A lie of omission isn't a real lie, is it?


Ha! That was so fun. Next one.

Rachel said...

Well, your head really did hurt, didn't it? You are all good.

fringes said...

I loved the pregnant biker malt liquor line. Too funny.

l.b. said...

Sometimes kids act just like you always hoped they would. You have to treasure those moments so that you are still able to love them when they do the other stuff - haha!

evil-e said...

The kids knew, they just don't want you to know how they knew.

You have the same brain problem I do, in my case it is 36 going on 8. It sucks so bad and yet it is so right sometimes.

I love you in the face said...

I don't think that kind of lie is a big deal at all. It's a heck of a lot better than saying "Quiet down! Mommy's got herself a hangover....":)

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

You are right. It sounds so much better.


I love being in denial.






Ooooh. that sounds good - I can be their cautionary tale.

Booda Baby,

You're good at that.


maybe it wasn't a total lie.


It's always funny until it comes true.


You are so right.


I hate consequences.


You got a point there.

Poptart said...

I love the label. Love. It.

(The characters I have to type in below spell a sort of shortened "shitkicker." Nice.)

Churlita said...


Too bad it will only work for another month before I turn 42.