Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Must Be the Season of the Witch

Oh, look. Another photo of Stinky making goofy faces.

And now for something completely different...

Me: I thought you were going to the softball game.

Stinky: I was, but C. can't go now because she got grounded.

Me: Why is she grounded?

Stinky: Because she didn't clean her room and her mom is totally PMS'ing.

Me: Does her mom have to be PMS'ing for C. to get grounded for not doing her chores?

Stinky: Yeah, I guess.

Me: So, when you get grounded do you tell everyone it's because I'm PMS'ing?

Stinky: What? Um, no?

Me: Yeah. That's what I thought.


Remiman said...

Is that like...."gottcha!"?

Babybull40 said...

I would use that for a reason to ground the kids.. its actually some ways..

Q said...

I never even thought to use that as a reason that I was getting grounded. Normally all my friends knew the reason because they were with me when I did whatever it was that I did to get grounded. Actually I don't remember the groundings so much as my Dad beating my ass with his fraternity paddle, and I couldn't really get away with using that excuse for him. So I used the he's not getting any excuse, then I would end up weirding myself out. Man I hated college...

booda baby said...

That was so funny! I love when you bust them! Did she laugh?

Tara said...

PMS gets blamed for everything, but it is a good excuse for lots of things. "Why did she just burst into tears? What's wrong with her?"..."She's just PMSing"..."Oh, okay."

l.b. said...

I'm not really that strict, so my kids don't get grounded too often. If their friends knew that, they would know that usually when they say they are grounded it is just because they don't want to do whatever it is they've been invited to do. Yeah, make mom the bad guy.

David in DC said...

That's the excuse I'm going to use next time I get grounded.

evil-e said...

Me or Alien never dared even using that line, we would wear mom's hand print on the face for two days if we did. Funny stuff.

Margaret said...

my mom had pms for like, 4 years, poor c

Churlita said...


Yes, it is.


It's about as reasonable as hormones are.


Your mind scares me more than my own.

Booda baby,

Oh yeah. She thinks she's pretty funny.


I use whatever excuses I can find.


I've actually encouraged my kids to use me as the bad guy. They might as well learn how to lame out early in life.


What kind of things do you get grounded for?


It's always funny until someone's PMS'ing.


Poor you and your mom.

~Tim said...

So she can think on her feet. Watch out!

alli said...

So were you pmsing?