Saturday, June 16, 2007

Don't You Never Try to Look Behind My Eyes

Here is the front of the pig caravan.

I know it hasn't even been a full two days yet, but I think I'm over my philosophical reflections about how to spend my lifetime. It was getting kind of annoying and stressful. I'm just going to go back to thinking about sex all the time instead - it's less productive, but way more fun.

When I went to pick up Coadster from her babysitting gig last night, my friend who's daughter she was watching told me that the gyro cart caught on fire downtown. She said they had to clear everyone out from the part of the Ped Mall where the Mayflies were playing because they were worried a tank would blow. I guess it was fine after a half hour or so, but at least people got to experience some drama with their music.


Liz said...

Please, pig mobile! Pimp my ride!


I love it.

evil-e said...

Thinking about sex is definitely more fun.

Music and fire, what a combination.

Enjoy the weekend

Margaret said...

I've discovered the chair that will clear any philosophical thought from your head and help you focus wholey on sex

fringes said...

I miss sidewalk food vendors. Damn suburbs.

Poptart said...

Sex IS how I want to spend my lifetime... well at least sometime in my lifetime... and since it's more fun with someone else, it's just as depressing for me to think about that.

But you have fun now.

(And I LOVE the pic.)


Killer said...

Is that your new ride? Does it say "Makin' Bacon" on it anywhere?

Thinking about sex is always better than thinking about responsible things. I personally would prefer having sex, but thinking about will have to do.

Churlita said...


I'm not sure.


Exactly. Thanks.


I read about that chair. Where can I get one?


They don't have them in the suburbs?


I just said I think about it all the time. I didn't say I got it all the time.

Killer,If only it did say, "makin' bacon". It would make me so happy.

Remiman said...

Thinking about sex all the time takes the glitter off.