Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sometimes I Wish That I Could Stop You From Talking When I Hear the Silly Things That You Say

This is at my aunt's house outside of Ottumwa.

Tomorrow I go back to work. The good thing about it, is that it will be Thursday already. The scary thing about it, is that the last time I was there, one of my co-workers sent some of us this e-mail:

How long can this day go on? It feels like it's already been twelve hours. And if L. says, "We was" instead of "We were" one more time, I can't be held accountable for my actions.

The L. she mentioned is originally from Ottumwa. Even though she hasn't lived there for several years, she talks like she never left. She says "poosh" instead of "push", she puts that hidden R in wash and she also does the deeshes on Sundee as opposed to doing the dishes on Sunday.

When we first moved to Ottumwa from Chicago, we felt like we had moved to the deep South and went back in time twenty years. Of course, we lived out in the country so the first kids we met had some serious Southern Iowa accents. Eventually, we met some other kids who were from Ottumwa, and could still make fun of the accent. Our new friends even came up with the best white trash Ottumwa name ever - Rhonda Scudders. We were sure that someone named Rhonda Scudders would have to date a guy named Kenny (pronounced, Kinney in Ottumwa) or Wayne.

So, tomorrow when I go back to work and L. starts talking about "Going over to the Wal-Marts" after work, it won't annoy me so much, as make me a little nostalgic...And glad that I'm not riding a stinky school bus anywhere anymore.


Babybull40 said...

If I was to come there I would bemade fun due to my Canadian! it's even more so a long the eastern provinces such as in Newfoundland and New brunswick

They probably would have a better time communicating with Iowans..

Heather Anne said...

I totally have the worst accent ever. I've tried to shake it, but I think all the living in Georgia for my whole life means it's going to stick.

Ondine said...

I made fun of my mother mercilessly for saying warsh instead of wash. I'm sure there's a part of her that hates me for it. But some people around here, especially if they are from the East Coast, make fun of me for my nasally vowels.

Rachel said...

My grandmother used to say that she lived in Warshington and that they town was Ho-keem.

She lived in Hoquiam (ho-qwim), Washington.

It used to drive us nuts that she talked like that. She was from Wisconsin so maybe that had something to do with it.

booda baby said...

It'd be so great to claim that no one does white trash better than Iowa, but - damn. I've been in Missouri. It's no contest.

David in DC said...

Comment on Headline, not Post:

Golly, I love me some Elvis C.

That line is actually the first thing I think of when I think of one of my high school girlfriends.

Thanks for unintentionally provoking a very fond memory of her (despite her penchant for saying truly dumb things).

Remiman said...

There a probably more folks arund these here parts that warsh rather than wash, but in their defense their whites are witter.
Ya get what i sayin ay?
Well gotta go oot and aboot...see ya.

fringes said...

Being from Texas, I have no accent.

Churlita said...


Hey, at least Canadians don't say warsh.

Heather Anne,

I bet your accent is adorable.


I have that horrible combination of using the Chicago AAAA and a bit of an Ottumwa twang. I could never be a broadcaster.


There's nothing quite like a Wisconsin accent.

Booda Baby,

Ottumwa is prit near in Missouri.

David in DC,

That line reminds me of a few people in the past...Including myself.


You must be very close to Canada too.


My boss is from San Antonio and he has no accent (ahem) at all.