Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Said, "Do That Hand Jive One More Time"

Today I decided to bring my camera to work in order to take some photos of the amazing flowering trees, and then maybe break-up the monotony of inputting information into my computer all day by going out on my breaks to see if I could capture some other arresting images.

Well, holy shit. I done hit the jack pot. That's right. I went out on my three o'clock break, and what did I see just sitting out there on the Pentacrest in front of god and everybody, but a real live mime. Not only that, but he was trying to propagate his species by training some other poor soul to join his speechless minions.

Now, before you start freaking out about how I'm being all prejudiced and feel like you need to call the ACLU on me, just let me reveal a little secret to you: I married a mime. (that should be the name of my new sitcom) My ex-husband actually studied with Marcel Marceau in the seventies. For real. Yes, I was young and impressionable, but sometimes those mistakes follow you around for life, because that also means my girls are half mime.

I was a little worried when Coadster was born with a strawberry colored birthmark on the back of her head that it might be some kind of "band of the invisible box making hand" sign. But now I can breathe a big sigh of relief, because both the girls have come out of puberty and I've never once caught them alone in their rooms trying to pull an imaginary rope. Whew. I think we might be in the clear.


evil-e said...

If they had not started talking by the age of five then you would have been worried. I have the ACLU on speed dial you mimist.

Great catch. That is not something you see everyday. Though, with me, I will probably end up taking the bus with one eventually.

I take my camera with me and wander around at lunch downtown. This is the first time I have ever taken pictures of Cleveland.

Remiman said...

Spring brings everything to life.
I've seen your girls mime for the camera. You'll be wise to prepare for the sequel: Return of the mime. ;)

jenny said...

Hit the jackpot is right! Holy crap!

But the mime gene is dominant, so you'll have to keep a constant vigil over your daughters. Someday they, too, may begin to walk against the wind.

Tara said...

You need to become a member of M.A.M...Mothers Against Miming. Or M.A.P..Mothers Against Pantomiming. Something like that.

It's great that you saw that kind of action on the day you brought your camera!

NoRegrets said...

It's good that you know that mimes are peoples too. Hilarious! It must be a recessive gene.
I was waiting for a comment that your girls talk so much they could never be mimes.

DJSassafrass said...

Holy crap--that is so funny. Mimes totally creep me out! I had no idea your daughters were half mime. I think you've raised them well enough to quell any miming thoughts.

fringes said...

Too funny. Climbing the imaginary rope was my favorite part.

booda baby said...

Two - TWO!! - of my most favorite of all time of yours posts in a row!! (Whatever. I know all the words are there.)

If I was the sort of person to say something like that, I'd steal Libby's line in less than one second. Faster. It's a good, good line and I appreciate your sharing.

Isn't any one running a study on the meem-jean?
I think your girls are very lucky. My mom was a clown, just a member of a local bunch o' big hearts who'd go to hospitals and nursing homes and spread good cheer, and A. takes every single opportunity to hum the clown song.

A meems way better. What's to hum?

Matt said...

" , ? "..." ! , !! "," ."

Above is my favorite quote from Marcel Marceau. He really was an amazing wordsmith.

Churlita said...


I figured you would, being so politically correct and all.


Ssssh. Don't say that. you'll bring out their inner mimes.


I forgot about the walk against the wind thing. So funny.


Yeah, but I forgot my camera today where I saw a guy with a sign that said "Free Hugs". Damn.


That is true. They are half me too and that seems to be the very loud dominant gene.


I can only hope.



Booda Baby,

Clowns scare me just as much as mimes do.


Was that from Silent Movie?

laura b. said...

Those are great pictures. I hope seeing that mime didn't bring back too many bad memories ;-)

michelle said...

Europe is full of mimes and they're fascinating. Or of the deathly still statue kind anyway. It's strange how watching something stand so still for hours can be so enthralling.

As long as your daughters talk occasionally you're safe.

dmarks said...

Someone should have brought out the mimesweepers.

Poptart said...

Holy crap I almost peed reading this. Did the mime and mimette know you were photographing?

Churlita said...


My ex was pretty much done miming by the time we met, so there weren't any bad memories surrounding that.


My daughters talk WAY more than occasionally.


Really. Mime sweepers is great.


Yeah. And that's why I didn't take more or better pics. They gave off a vibe that let me know they weren't into being photographed, but it wasn't like they were actually going to voice their concerns.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the Mime is incredibly facinating to watch if done well. Unfortunately, Marcel is dead, Shields & Yarnell have vanished and the rest of the practicioners in the world suck.

The way those two yap, I don't think you have to worry about them being caught in an invisible box anytime soon.

Perhaps Mimeosis Dumfuk is caused by a recessive gene that has skipped a generation. Perhaps your grandchildren will be plagued by invisible doors and ropes.
If you see any of their future boyfriends struggling against a strong wind, you better lock them girls up.

Bro in Law