Saturday, April 19, 2008

Words Have Always Nearly Hung Me

Hey, check me out. I'm doing the Saturday Scavenger Hunt on Saturday for a change. The word this week is communication. There are definitely many different forms of communication. Some people are talkers, others are quiet and let their eyes do their speaking for them, and some people (like me) gesticulate wildly and jump up and down and use their outside voices everywhere they go to spout mountains of bullshit. The other side of the communication, is the listener. I happen to have a job where I speak to many, many international students over the phone every day. I've had to learn to become a very good listener. That doesn't mean when I'm out with my friends, however, that I always listen well, or even let people finish their sentences before I get really excited about what they're saying and jump in. You know, we all have things we need to work on, right?

The picture above is from the state pool tournament when one of my friends wasn't quite listening to the other, when she told her she didn't want her to try to bite her breast. So, she quite literally made her talk to the hand. At that moment, it was the only language she could understand...And that's why she's my girl crush.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

communication is a very demanding skill.. Whether or not we lack in certain areas.. we still manage to get our point across.. as per the picture..

laura b. said...

hahaha! I think when, "Please don't bite my breast" doesn't work, then getting physical is totally the way to go. Excellent communication!

Remiman said...

You communicate quite well, I'd say.

Tara said...

Very good job on the communication topic! Listening is definitely a form. So is body language and such.

I still have to post some photos on my blog before Saturday is over.

dmarks said...

"hahaha! I think when, "Please don't bite my breast" doesn't work,"

Might work as a bumper sticker slogan, though.

NoRegrets said...

I wonder how you'd sign 'please don't bite my breast' in sign language.

evil-e said...

I am actually coming around to check everybody out late, but I am doing it. Real life sneaked in and took over the past few days.

Saturday this week. Very good. Gold stars.

Churlita said...


Exactly. Sometimes it takes more than words, but hey, whatever it takes...


I know. You always want to start with, "please don't bite my breast", and then you do what you have to after that.


Some would probably say too well.


I loved your post on the subject.


Print them up, and I'll put one on my car.


I don't know, but I'd love to see it.


Thanks for the gold stars.

AlienCG said...

Funny picture. You definitely have some unique friends. Very good on doing the post on Saturday.