Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'll Just Figure Everything is Cool

Oh my god, you guys. It is so nice outside here today. It's making me very happy. I ran my eight mile route today for the first time since November, I think. I do apologize for any accidents I may have caused from drivers being blinded by the glare off of my pasty, pale, ashy, Irish American girl who lives in Iowa and so her skin hasn't seen sunshine since October, legs, but that's why god made sunglasses.

Of course, I'm far away from being in the shape I was in this photo from last Summer, but that's not really what I'm going for anyway. Mostly, I'm in it for the free high. Now that I have my iPod and can listen to music while I run, the high seems to be even better. The only problem with listening to music, is that I have no idea what people are saying to me as I run past them. There's an old man who lives right next to the Catholic school in my town who tells me to run an extra mile for him every single time he sees me. So, when he was obviously speaking to me yesterday, I just assumed that's what he was saying and I smiled big and goofy and gave him a double thumbs up. Although, he could have said, "Die, you stupid, fugly bitch," for all I know.

Here are a few songs that came up on the random running playlist that I made last week. I'm sure I don't have to warn you that there's something here to offend everyone.

1. "Sex Beat" by The Gun Club - This song reminds me of hanging out at my friend Marty's studio above The Vine back in 1985.

2, "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas - I can't hear this song without remembering the fourth grade talent show. Patty Lopez wore her brother's Judo suit and her whole dance consisted of her swaying to the music until, he said, "Ha!" and then she karate chopped the air.

3. "Could You Be Loved" by Bob Marley and The Wailers - This is an awesome song to run to. That's all I have to say about it.

4. "Ch-Check It Out" by The Beastie Boys - this isn't the best Beastie Boys song, but it's one of the best ones for running.

5. "Til I Hear it From You" by The Gin Blossoms - Who doesn't love early nineties pop songs? You don't? Okay. I don't love every early nineties pop song, but this one is kind of sweet and there is that whole nostalgia thing where it reminds me of a time when my girls were young and definitely not teenagers.

6. "911 is a Joke" by Public Enemy - It's even more fun to crank this one when you're a middle aged, white, Midwestern woman jogging in a college town in Iowa. You have no idea how hard life is for us hear in I-town.

7. "Talk Talk" by Talk Talk - This must be another one of my theme songs.

8. "Fortress" by Pinback - What a nice little ditty this one is.

9. "Dr. Rock" by Motorhead - This is one of my favorite songs to run to of all time, and it hasn't come up on my playlist in months. In other words, it was perfect.

10. "Gimme Danger" by Iggy Pop - I love, love, love this song. I can't imagine ever skipping it no matter how many times it came up on my playlist.

Looking back at my playlist, I think it's WAY more than random. It's more like total chaos. And that's why it was perfect for me today.


Tara said...

I had to laugh, you sounded like my brother when my friend and I visited him in Arizona one time. We were in his pool, a helicopter hovered overhead and he said they were wondering about the glare from our whiteness. Hehe.

AlienCG said...

It was really nice here as well. It gave me a chance to wash and wax the car. Of course, I kept myself completely covered so that I wouldn't scare the neighbors or blind pilots.

dmarks said...

I know "Kung Fu" and "Talk Talk". That's it though.

Just don't give that old guy a heart attack!

Remiman said...

Ah shit! Talk about the generation gap..........
Enough said about that;)
doin' 10 miles this AM.

Mr Atrocity said...

"911 is a Joke by Public Enemy - It's even more fun to crank this one when you're a middle aged, white, Midwestern woman jogging in a college town in Iowa."

I'll never forget the sight of my old housemate, Dave, listening, and "singing" along to Cypress Hill's A to the K whilst he did his ironing and sipped a dainty cup of Earl Grey. Priceless.

evil-e said...

You have a few songs on there that show up in my playlists as well. Iggy Pop, Bob Marley, Motorhead, the Beasties...just to name a few.

We are finally having some waether around here as well. My legs are as white as can be and I wear shorts all year round.

Churlita said...


Your brother sounds really funny.


I really have to wash my car. I keep meaning to and then not getting around to it.


That's probably because I listen to almost every kind of music. Obviously, I have no filter.


10 miles? You're a maniac.

Mr Atrocity,

That's great. Too bad you couldn't have caught it on tape.


There's no getting around the pale skin in the MidWest - unless you fake bake, I suppose.

fringes said...

This post gave me all sorts of good fuzzies at my desk. Mr Atrocity's comment was funny. You look great in that picture, and I'm sure you're not that far from that even after a long winter.

laura b. said...

Love your playlist! And I can imagine how great it felt to be out in the open air doing your circuit. Things are looking up.