Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Heard You Singing, You Sounded Brave

Here is my friend W.'s dog wearing a Western shirt and with a bunch of different people's hands and feet in her face.

So, for not having any plans, last night turned out rather well. As usual, I trucked a bunch of junior high kids around, and then I let them off downtown where they were going to meet some more friends and dine at Panchero's and then go to the student union and see a free performance by a band called Quiet Drive.

I then met my friends' K., S., and H. and H.'s house where they were drinking tequila. I abstained, because I knew I had more driving of junior high kids planned for later and now when I think about drinking tequila, I hear my friend Rory's voice in my head saying, "You always take a wrong turn at tequila." After a little bit, we went to the Picador to see Jon Langford and Sally Timms of the Mekons perform for free. Free is good and their show was excellent. It was more acoustic than punk and Sally not only played a ukulele, but this accordion looking thing, and I'm not sure what you'd call it. Anyway, it sounded great and I am a big fan of using less ordinary intruments. You know, play a mandolin, or xylophone, or a zither or cowbell and I'm all in. It's just that I've seen a lot of live music in my life, and so much of it is guitar, bass and drums. It's just nice to see something different.

The show ended before 11, just as my daughter's show was finishing up, so it was perfect timing. The rest of the night included me picking up kids, taking them home and then watching a movie until I fell asleep. Again, not a bad night at all.


evil-e said...

I love the "spontaneous plans" nights. Those nights when something comes up out of nothing. The kind of night that you were not considering but it sneaks up and makes you have fun.

dmarks said...

"Quiet Drive" sounds like a smooth jazz version of "Drive Shaft"

Gyuss Baaltar said...

That instrument combo sounds kinda Zydeco

NoRegrets said...

Free good music is always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Being in a band, let me tell you...
free music sucks.

Bro(ke) -in-Law

Poptart said...

Yea! You shoulda flipped Jon and Sally some shit from me. I had no idea they were playing there! And free! Awesome.

Sounds like a fun night, with the voices in your head and all.

Remiman said...

Maybe it was a concertina?

Churlita said...


Me too. They're usually better than planned nights.


Kind of. I'm not that familiar with their music, but I think it's more what high school kids listen to.


I wish. I love Zydeco.


I think so too...Unless the music sucks.


I don't think these guys are hurting too bad. They also had some art up at one of the local galleries.


I know you said you knew them, but I'd feel like such a douche going up to them and saying, "I think you know my friend, Poptart..."


I don't know. It looked like a big leatherbound book. But it played a bit like an accordion, without all those buttons and stuff. It made a really beautiful sound.

laura b. said...

Sounds great, Churlita! Did I call it, or what?