Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Feel Like Swirlin' and Dancing

Here's me and my girl crush bringing out the guns.

Today two of my friends celebrated birthdays. One was my friend A. who lives in Texas and who I love and I've blogged about how wonderful she is on here several times now. I really wish I could have bought her a drink and had my daughters watch her boys so we could go out and properly acknowledge the day of her birth. Maybe next year...

I was, however, able to help my friend Schecky celebrate hers. Supper Club was at the Hilltop this week, which also happened to be where Shecky was hanging out, so it was perfect. It was the first time I had seen Shecky in about a month, so I was so happy to get to shoot the shit with her. I normally get home from Supper Club about eight, but my favorite bartender S. and his lovely wife K. came by to escort Shecky to The Dublin and they asked if I would meet them there. Who was I to say no?

The Dublin was great fun. We had all kinds of wrong conversations and my favorite bartender came close to making me spit out my drink not just once, but twice. My friend W. told me that some very attractive guys she knew were hot for me. Here's my question, why wouldn't they tell me that? If you're a single guy who reads my blog and you're attracted to someone, do you tell them? And if you don't, why not?

We also discussed some of the details of the upcoming weekend. I know I mentioned it once before, but on Saturday I'm meeting the Dublin girls pool team at the state pool tournament in the Quad Cities. It should be a frighteningly good time. We may or may not have the topless pillow fights we teased my friend L.'s husband about, but I'm sure we'll be up to no good in many, many other ways. When I asked the girls what the men at the pool tournament were like, they said it was hit and miss. Shecky said that out of 500 men, there might be 100 that were doable. As far as I'm concerned, those odds aren't too bad. Or maybe I've just lived in Iowa City too long...


Margaret said...

you know, some guy might be a wee bit intimidated by a woman as hot as you

Remiman said...

Topless pillow fights?
You're a bad girl to tease an old man like that. ;)

evil-e said...

I am not a single guy, but if I were single and in Iowa City...I would shy away from saying anything as well. (kidding-I am far too mouthy and put a few beers in me and I become mouthier)

This post is full of interesting visuals and words..."topless pillow fights" and "doable" jump out. I might have to start commenting in the evening. This is way too much for morning!!

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

HAppy Birthday to yer friends.. I'm sure those "topless pillow fights: will be tons of fun.. And just maybe you will find Mr.Topless..

Anonymous said...

MMMM lots of beer hot dancing and talkin shit. Thanks for celebrating my bithday for me!!
The malts were delicious and I was in bed by 9, because if I even mention getting sick I do - just not sick enough to skip work yet (maybe soon)
have a great weekend

Tara said...

One hundred "doable" guys sound like great odds to me too!

Happy Belated birthday to your two friends!

DJSassafrass said...

Bring on the men who are hot for you!! Let's line them all up at the Dublin some night and we can play a Dating Game type show...I will totally host, but your girl crowd has to make the questions!

-RM said...

"topless pillow fight" .....I knew women secretly have these!

egan said...

20% isn't too shabby. Those are far better odds than if you were to attend a bowling tournament instead. Pillow fights, nice.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I think the problem here is "men" vs "boys"

A man will recognize you're awesome.

A boy will run away.

Booo to boys!

minijonb said...

boys are dumb... but we really like topless pillow fights.

Poptart said...

Maybe you'll out your admirers with your post. Hope so!

(Hey your hair is straight in every picture...I am just noticing this!)

Churlita said...


I don't think that's the reason. This town is packed with gorgeous 20 year olds and I'm old.


Yeah. We were mostly giving my friend's husband a hard time.


I know. I probably shouldn't blog after a few beers. I talk too much shit.


I think I'd be a little afraid of mr Topless.


Any time. I just want to be able to celebrate it WITH you one of these years.


You'd think, but we'll see how it all plays out.


That could either fun or really scary.


Oh sure. That's all we do when guys aren't around.


It could a lot of scary small town toothless guys too.


You are so right. this town is full of boys but short on men.


I've heard that about boys.


Those boys don't read my blog.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

*makes note

Round up some Men in Iowa and send them to the Dublin

Chance said...

Single guy is hot for woman he feels he has a decent shot with: tells her

Single guy is hot for woman he feels is way out of his league: may drop a discreet hint, but probably won't say anything due to fear of rejection

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Texas A who I think is great. She is my fav of your friends. Have a great one girlie!!


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I love the name Scheckie and other peoples birthdays.

Churlita said...


i like your mental notes.


Really? Guys are afraid of rejection too?


Everyone thinks Texas A. is great. She'd be even greater if she'd move back up here, but I understand why she doesn't.


Of course, that's not her real name, but it's what everyone calls her. Isn't it cool?

AlienCG said...

Pool, darts and bowling are not sports that are known for athleticism in men.