Thursday, April 03, 2008

Everyone's Wondering, Will You Come Out Tonight

This will be quick, because once again it's late and I'm tired. My girl crush came into town and along with my friend D., saved my night. We had a really nice meal at the newly reopened, Motley Cow and then went to the Dublin for my one beer. Libby was down there again and she was at her finest. I laughed from the second I sat down next to her and didn't stop until she left. It was a short little evening, but I packed a hell of a lot of fun into it.

Now, I better rest up for the junior high sleepover that will be taking place at my house tomorrow night. Once again, if you know anyone who might have an extra handful of Valium they want to give me, please let me know. I need all the help I can get.

Oh, also. I can't get my XBox live to work. To all my blogger friends who are better versed in these matters, can the connection get all screwy when the electricity goes off, and if so, how do I fix it? Your help would be greatly appreciated. And as always, talk slowly and loudly and use very small words when trying to help me with wireless connections and computers and any technology in general. Plugging in an iron can be too much of a challenge for me sometimes.

Thanks in advance.

Love, Churlita


Remiman said...

Junior high sleepover?
I vaguely remember my daughter having those here. Well then, ou have a great time ;) I on the other hand am content to wait for your retelling of the event!
Xbox? Say what? Since you mentioned it, how does one plug in the iron?

Tara said...

May you have the strength to handle that junior high sleepover! You are brave! I love friends who can get me to laugh.

fringes said...

I'll send my tech guy right over. Unless Gyuss beats him here, that is.

Ren said...
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-RM said...

Have you tried the simple, turn on and off the router/modem?

Poptart said...

I don't really even know what an xbox is - sorry!!

But the sleepover sounds AWESOME - have fun!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

All I need is an address, and my support services are on the way!

Is your whole home internet down or just the xbox?

Churlita said...


Just the XBox. Is there a switch to turn on and off for the wireless attachment you plug into the XBox? Because that appears to be off. See? I am just that ignorant when it comes to technology.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I don't know much about X-box, but when my wireless isn't working correctly I power cycle it, which is just fancy geek talk for unplug it from the wall, count to 11 and plug it back in.

You may want a second opinion because I don't know nothin' bout no x-box.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

hmmm...that is odd.

Not trying to be stalker,
but shoot me an email at (not a joke address, really)
and I'll help you over the phone go through some settings. I had to help Dagromm's son troubleshoot something earlier so he and I could tear up Xbox live Burnout

Churlita said...


Sweet. The guy I went out with last Summer offered to help too. So, I might try him first and if he can't help, I'll bug you at that awesome email address.

dmarks said...

@Churlita: "Oh, also. I can't get my XBox live to work."

I guess it is not so live, is it?

laura b. said...

I hope your slumber party went well and that your Xbox came back to life.
Have you noticed how LOUD girl sleepovers are? Or is that just at my house...