Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What If All These Fantasies Come Flailing Around?

Blogger seems to be all tweaked out and it won't even give me the code to upload a photo. So, all you get are words from me tonight.

I had this dork-ass kitschy post all planned out, but then when Blogger started being such a bitch and getting all stubborn with me, I decided to give up and just write it out without the cheesy shit (or at least, not AS cheesy).

So, last night I had this really, really bad dream. I woke up all stressed-out and had to check my girls to make sure they were okay (I counted them - one, two - one,two)and then the door to make sure it was locked. That was at 3:30 am. The rest of the night, I would start to fall asleep and try to wake myself back up again, so as not to land back into the bad dream. Now I don't even remember what scared the shit out of me, but last night, I was terrified.

Today was sleep deprivation day for me. My attention span totally ran out on me. I still went to supper club after work, but I had kicked around the idea of getting a drink after that, and decided against it. My friend Colleeny weinie was in town and we were going to try to meet up as well, but she left her cell phone in a different car and the other friends she was with didn't have my number, so we missed each other. She'll be back in town again really soon, and I'll get to see her then. it was probably for the best, as she wasn't in the best place after dealing with her sick mom for the last few days, and I would have been no help to her on account of being all sleep deprived and shit.

What I did do at eight o'clock was go home, pick up Coadster from the bus after her out of town soccer game was over and hang out in my lair and watch a totally fucking stupid movie. It was really all I was up for, but exactly what I needed. The end.


evil-e said...

which totally fucking stupid movie did you watch??

At least it was only a dream. They're enough to unsettle you, but it never actually happened.

Remiman said...

I hate bad dreams! It makes getting myself back up to my jovial self so much more work.

Tara said...

I hate those bad dreams when you wake up and aren't sure they're real or not. Freaky stuff.

Those stupid movies can be a miracle cure, can't they?

DJSassafrass said...

I need a night like tha too-seems like the past coupld weeks have been ridiculous!

fringes said...

We are also having weird blogging issues and we're on WordPress. Maybe the Internet is being invaded.

booda baby said...

It's good to see your attention span hung in long enough for my Churlita-dosage. And that's what matters.

laura b. said...

I'm sorry you had such an unsettling dream and became sleep deprived. I hope your daughters and a stupid movie made you feel better :-)

Tera said...

Yeah, what Evil said...what was the totally fucking stupid movie?

I hate dreams like that...I always wake up panting and sweating and in complete and total fear!!!

P.S. Carleeny Weenie...cracks. Me. Up!

Tera said...

Why am I so anal? Of course I had to check that out after my comment and found out that it actually reads Colleeny weinie...and it STILL cracks me up!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

it would've been nice had you remembered something from this bad dream.. but there will always be others... oops.. sorry no there won't.. it will be all peaches and roses from now on.. lol.. I hope you got much needed rest...

Q said...

I hate the interwebs. Except for all of the adult content. I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationsip with it. Oh, and you're it!

Churlita said...


You don't even want to know. It was a stupid teen movie called Invisible, I think about a kid who gets killed and has to help the living find his body. Don't ask.


I know. I wasn't quite as obnoxious as I usually am the next day.


Yes, they can.


You and C. should take some time to mellow out and watch movies together.


Stupid internet.

Booda Baby,

It never really stays for very long.


My daughters and a stupid movie can always make me feel better.


That was the name my girls gave her when they were little and it stuck. Poor Colleeny Wienie.


Thanks for lying to me and telling me what I want to hear.


Uh oh. It sounds like it might be a meme to me....