Sunday, November 25, 2007

Her Heart's Been Broken Just Like You Have

So, I wasn't quite sure how to write this post. Should I get right to the point, or should I do some kind of teasing build-up? Ah, hell. You all know I have no patience, so...Woooooo-Hooooo! I'm back in the game, bitches. That's right. I'm actually playing Make-Out Quest 2007 for real now.

Just let me start from the git, okay? Here's how it went down. Like I mentioned, K. and I went down to Fort Madison to see our friend C.. What I didn't say, was that her other friend, who I'll just refer to as Mr Awesome, was going to be in town as well.

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Here is K. looking adorable at C.'s bar.

I haven't had that much fun since probably in forever. Mr Awesome was so quick and so funny, that K. and I had to actually ask him to stop for a minute, in order to process what he said, double over with laughter, wipe the tears from our eyes and let him dish up some more. I honestly don't think we went five minutes without laughing that night. Needless to say, Mr. Awesome and I hit it off. He was very direct, and open and affectionate and all those things I never thought I'd find in one guy - especially one that insanely funny.

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Here is Mr. Awesome exhibiting his mad cigarette holding skillz.

At one point, he was making fun of my laugh, so, of course, I told him that I hated his stinky, fucking, stupid ass, and he said, "Oh my god. I love you. We should go somewhere RIGHT now and make-out." While it sounded like a nice idea, we didn't really do it. later on in the evening he asked me for my number, which I gladly gave him. Then he asked, "So, if I call you, will you go on a date with me?"

"Oh, hell yeah," I responded.

"Then what do you want to do on our first date?" Of course, by that time it was around three in the morning and I was super tired and very distracted by his presence, so I couldn't think of anything. "Be careful," he said. "If you let me decide, I'll make us wear leg warmers and dance around." Which, now that I think of it, would be a great first date.

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Here is Mr. Awesome oh so subtly expressing his affection for me.

My original plan was to drive back home that night, but the boys were really trying to get us to stay. Finally, after much more talking and, uh, flirting, I told Mr Awesome, "Well, I better leave, before I don't." Hey, so maybe I do have a little self-control. Who knew? K. and I drove the hour and a half home in a fun girl fog. Right before we got back into town K. asked,

"So, did you ask him if he had the other half of your amulet?" Which is kind of what it felt like. You know? Like he probably really does have the missing half of my amulet that we got from our home planet of freaks?

Because I'm old enough to know better, I'm not just assuming this will take. He lives an hour away, he's eight years younger than I am, and even though we could be good together on many different levels, I just don't know him very well. So, at this point, I just figure if he doesn't call me, at least I can say that I spent an amazing evening with Mr. Awesome.


Mr Atrocity said...

Awwww, that is so far beyond cute we may have to coin a new adjective for it. I nominate, "Squeely". As in, "That is so squeely I might die".

evil-e said...

Well, well, well...very good. I think there might be a few amulets floating around from the old home planet. You may have found the other half of yours. I found the other half of mine.

If you were from the planet of the freaks, though, how come I never ran into you at any functions?

You better, oughta keep us posted.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I'm pretty sure that he will call you.. So when you go on your first date.. use the leg warmers and dance tutu's..Times a wasting.. git to it.. we want all the sordid details...

DJSassafrass said...

Excellent way to look at it--just roll with it! You know who lived an hour away from me for a very long time....

Not Fainthearted said...

Whooo Hoooooo!!!

Uh, I mean good attitude. A fun night with Mr. Awesome. Cool.

Eh, an hour a way is nothing. Mr. Hockey lives an hour away. It sucks sometimes, like when you just want to see each other for an hour, but it's do-able.

Don't let the drive deter you...but also? Let him do his fair share of the driving. Just saying.

michi said...

wooooo! Churly girl's got a cute one ;) He's a cutie. And no harm was ever done in dating a younger man...except of course, for that teacher that got arrested but yours is a different situation

dmarks said...

I saw the sign in the place. Alas, the title "Weekend at Bernie's" was not used for the blog post.

Chance said...

Very nice. He'll call. You're a lot more of a catch than you let on.

Tara said...

Dancing around in leg warmers would definitely be a unique, fun and twisted first date.

Great post, I'm excited for you! You have a good outlook on the outcome. Hopefully you two continue to click!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

How fun! And I love "Well, I better leave, before I don't."

Smart girl. You'll see him again. Don't worry about the particulars, age, distance. Have fun until it stops being fun.

A said...

Theres nothin like a stanky river town for meetin a man! I told you there were good things in those places. Sweetest hangover! Yee

laura b. said...

Oh my, I like the looks and the sound of this Mr. Awesome. We will expect many details about THE DATE.

.j.william. said...

at the very least, you've got a date guaranteed to make you laugh until you pee. Some days that's all a person needs.

oh, and makin' out is pretty good, too.

MrManuel said...

Hmm, well it sounds like an awesome time so good luck to you! You never know.....

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Yeah, yeah. Alright already.


Our spaceships must have just crashed in different states is all.


Yeah. He still hasn't called. So, like I said, I'm just happy for Saturday night.


We both have primary custody of our kids and that can really complicate travel plans.


The drive wouldn't deter me. It's just one of things, I'll use to feel better about things if he doesn't ever call.


Yeah. At least he's not jailbait.


I would have used that for the title if I weren't so weird about using song lyrics.


You know how that goes, it may not be about me being a catch, but about him realizing that he's not in a place to date or whatever, when he sobers up. People's lives can get so complicated after a certain age.


We'll see...


That's what I'm trying to do - think of it as fun and not make it not fun by spazzing out.


God, And I've dated my share of boys from stanky river towns, haven't I?


If it happens, I'll let you in on the fun...Well, some of it anyway.


If the date doesn't happen, at least I had the making out.


It was fun and it was just what I needed.

Killer said...

15 should get out and find more romance to write about.

I am sure he would be glad you showed that photo.

Margaret said...

how did you manage self control?

fringes said...

Toooooo exciting!

jenny said...

funny *and* cute? oy - a deadly combination! but in a good way...

three cheers for random make-outs!

TLB said...

So excellent! I hope he does call, and soon.

Churlita said...


Which one? He's being a goof ball in both of them, so I doubt he'd care all that much.


I'm not sure. It's all kind of hasy now.


Yeah. It would be more exciting if he called my ass.


Now that's something I can cheer for.


Me too. Time's a wastin'.

another good thing said...

I love this story and I am enough of a romantic to hope for a happy ending- even if that happy ending is like the kind guys get from Thai massage girls named Suzy.

..linking your blog to mine so I can follow your crazy antics..

michelle said...

So, did he call or are you not going to say? He sounds positively hilarious. Secretly, so that no one else knows - and of course if I write it here they won't - I hope he calls!

David in DC said...

WoooHoo. Coming to this late but WAAAAY cool nonetheless.

I hope he calls.