Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's Not Reality, It's Just a Fantasy

Here are some pretty yellow branches - to make up for the scary photos from a couple of posts ago.

Well, kids. All I gotsta do is get through tomorrow and then I get a weekend. Once again, I'm going to try doing as little as possible. Next weekend Stinky and I will go to Ames and watch Coadster sing in the All State choir. It will be interesting to see me try to find my way around Ames. I've only been there once when I was in high school.

Wait, wait, wait. Back to this weekend...My fantasy goes something like this: I somehow make it through a full day of work. I'm thinking it will take some junk food, a few pills and swigs off my flask, much verbal abuse directed at my co-worker John (you know, just to make me feel better about myself) and a lot of illegal web surfing.

After work, I want to go running, eat some pizza, get the girls situated at whatever social functions they've got going on and then jump straight into my jammies until I have to go back to work on Monday. It'll never happen, and I realize it's like the lamest fantasy anyone in the world has ever had ever, but right now, it sounds like heaven.

Does anyone else find it bizarre that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away? Maybe it's because I'm old, or it could be that I'm really boring, but I don't even really remember what I did this year? Shit. I'll have to go back and read my old blog posts to find out.

First, please allow me to notice for you how random I'm being tonight. Then, let me continue on with the randomness...One thing I've noticed from writing a blog post almost every day for the last two years, is that Fall and Winter tend to make me a lot more nostalgic than Spring and Summer. It could be because I'm actually out and about, almost, kind of, sort of, having a life when it's warm out, and when I'm shut-in girl during the colder months, I'm thinking about the lives I've lived. I guess I'm just warning you that there might be a few ghosts of Christmas past on the horizon for the churlish one.


Remiman said...

That's the great thing about fantasies; they don't have to actually happen to make you feel good.
I'm swinging through the trees with Robinhood this morning.

evil-e said...

That is some fantasy you have there, whoa girl, slow it down a bit.

I think I get all nostalgic in the winter as well. I think it has to do with having more time inside my own scary head and less time being pissed at humans.

Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks...why didn't anyone tell me. This year is ripping by way too fast.

Tara said...

I'm a huge fan of your random posts, so keep it up! Thanksgiving is definitely coming up quickly. Just next week, part of the week after and bam! Turkey Day! All I know is, I have that day and the next off of work plus the weekend. Woo hoo!

Best of luck wishes to Coadster for All State Choir! They'll sound great!

Margaret said...

this whole year has been a weird blurr... and i'd be disapointed if your blog stuck to one subject

booda baby said...

Oh, oh oh. Quitquitquit. It flitted across my radar, the holidays steamrolling in, but I focused really hard on making it go away. And it did. Until, well, you know - fifth paragraph down.

Now, I have to sign off and start all over again.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

your fantasies are so uncomplicated - nice.

laura b. said...

Ah, we share a vision of a perfect weekend. Sad.
This year has flown by and now with people talking about doing their Christmas shopping I am getting a little bummed. Not a shopper.

fringes said...

I love your random posts, too. I can't believe we've been reading each other for nearly two years. I think you're my longest relationship.

Killer said...

Focus! Focus! More about drinking and frightening late night rides with tow truck drivers.

And what about the camera?!?! You are leaving more answered questions than the Matrix trilogy.

Killer said...

I mean UNanswered questions.

Man, I blew that fake rant.

Churlita said...


Awesome. Are you stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?


That's probably why I get more nostalgic too.


Yes, I get a four day weekend too. Bring it on.


You'd at least be really surprised.

Booda BAby,

If it stays warm where you are, can you just pretend it isn't November at all?


I'm a real simple gurl.


I don't do much Christmas shopping either, and I put it off until the last minute.


Wow. Shouldn't we be going blog steady soon?


Yes, but unfortunately, there is no Keanu Reeves here.

I'll try to better next time Killer. I promise.