Friday, November 30, 2007

Into the Cracks Where Fall and Winter Collide

Here is a guy sitting in the stands by himself.

So, here's a weird thing. I actually went out and did something tonight. And not just one thing, I did several things. I'm still sick, so I was thinking about just staying home and getting better, but then there were options and so I went with them.

The first place K. and I went was to the Bijou to see a movie called King Corn, a documentary about two Harvard grads who go to Iowa to raise an acre of corn and the things they learn about how our country eats. It was really good and funny. It also seemed a little timely after my food post this week.

After the movie ended, we met K.'s roommate J. at a multi-media art installation thingy. There was some interesting spectacle and and a few parts of it I thought were kind of cool. It was in all these different rooms, and in one of the last rooms we went into there was a girl wearing flesh colored underwear and being painted blue by another girl. Her image was being projected onto a screen while an old porno movie was being projected onto her torso. Did you get all that? Yeah, it was all very Laugh-In-y.

Once we had our fill of culture with a capital K, I stopped at home to check on Coadster and her friends who were playing Guitar Hero. I had to ask the obligatory, "So, no one's having sex, right?" question to which Coadster answered,

"Yeah, right. Because if any of my friends would have sex in my house, it would make me vomit." Good girl. I stayed long enough to embarrass Coadster in front of her friends a little more, and then K. and I stopped at our friend I.'s house. Her husband and kids were out of town, so she decided to have a party. I told K. I was going to just do a drive-by, because I didn't feel well and sometimes I.'s parties can have some grad studenty and artsy types who aren't always necessarily all that friendly. Tonight though, was actually pretty fun. There were plenty of people we knew there and we even solved a mystery. Our friend T. had lost a scarf at a show at the Hall Mall a little while ago. She knitted it herself and it was very, very cool. While we were standing in the kitchen tonight. Someone told this guy that they loved his scarf and it turned out to be T.'s He said he found it on the floor of the Hall Mall and no one had claimed it by the end of the night. How cool was that? We figured T. would be happy that he loved her work as much as she did.


evil-e said...

The artsy crowd can be a bit pretentious and unfriendly at times. They like to suffer for their craft. I never got along with them very well, I made too many jokes for an artist!!

fringes said...

"So no one's having sex, right?"

I must remember that one for later.

Tara said...

Multi-media is so interesting to watch. Our school offers that program (well now it's called Visual Communication), and I love to see the different final projects the students present.

laura b. said...

That sounds like a fun evening. I'm glad you had a good time with friends in spite of your cold.

Churlita said...


Yeah, and it always makes me want to sound even more uncultured and white trash than I already am.


It's a good one. It makes every kid in the room uncomfortable. So, it's kind of perfect.


Some of it was really cool and some of it seemed a bit self-indulgent. You know how those things go...


It was fun and different from what I normally do.

Long_Division said...

My mom used to always do the "use protection" line every time I would leave the house. I swear her "permission" is the reason I was the last among my friends to lose my virginity.

Churlita said...

Long Division,

So, all I have to do is grant permission for my girls to abstain? Sweet.

Emma said...

hahaha, oh I'm sure secretly Coadster loves that you embarrass her. Secretly. Maybe.