Friday, November 30, 2007

Caught Between Confusion and Pain

Here's the dealio. My interenet server sucked and wouldn't work for me at all last night and not even this morning. I'm in hate with Mediacom right now. So, I wasn't able to finish the very last day of NaBloMe. AND, AND, AND, since I had to live in the real world all night, I started noticing what a mess my house was and I cleaned the hell out of my bathroom. Yeah, how scary was that?

So, if my internet provider gets off its hairy ass and starts working in my neighborhood this weekend, I'll try and bore you some more later.


dmarks said...

"I cleaned the hell out of my bathroom"

....conjures a visual images of little demons being driven from the room. Cue "Tubular Bells" music again.

evil-e said...

What would bore me is a complete lack of your posts....

I hate my internet and cable provider as well. They completely bolluxed up my email and they do not carry NFL Network nor The Big 10 Network.

fringes said...

Hate it when that happens. Glad you made it out alive!

another good thing said...

My macbook can steal from ANY neighbor...
but it can't clean my bathroom

Tara said...

I hope your internet provider does indeed get off it's hairy ass. My internet provider is working with my apartment complex this week and there are periods of down time, especially when I'm home for lunch.

minijonb said...

go find a time machine so you can zip back a couple of days and finish NaLaLaLa or whatever it's called... and then, you can zip a few days into the future and find out what the winning lottery numbers are!

BlastFemur said...

MediaCon is teh worst evar!!! We(I) was without interwebs for 10 days straight. This is not exaggeration, like my normal boasts.

It's strange when real life takes over....

mich said...

I did the kitchen and bathroom today, that's how bad I didn't want to clean my own room :P

Churlita said...


Then it conjured the correct image, because that's what it felt like.


Things were back on track today, thank god.


Thanks. Me too.


I'd pay good money for a Mac Book that would clean my bathroom.


Why are the downtimes right when you want to get on the web?


That would be awesome.


I love your name and I totally agree.


It's all about procrastination, isn't it?