Friday, November 09, 2007

I Wandered Home Though Silent Streets And Fell Into a Fitful Sleep

Here is a big ol' sleepy pig.

So, remember how yesterday I was joking around about needing alcohol and pills and stuff just to get through the day? Well, apparently I didn't have enough. I got slammed with a migraine and had to go home this morning just a couple of hours into the day. Yes, I did get a day off, but no, it wasn't much fun. I basically went straight to bed, and didn't wake up again until after three. I didn't even eat anything until around six, and you all know what an amazing food eater I am. Whacky, huh?

I felt better after I got up this afternoon, but I'm still all hazy fazy. My synapses aren't quite firing like they normally do and I find myself thinking something, and then I'll forget that train and go,"Whaaaaat?" all slow, like I've been pulling bongs all night.

Because I'm so out of it, I'll end with this one thing and put us all out of our misery until tomorrow when I hope to be back to my normal, scary self.

When I was walking back home this morning (it was about forty degrees out), I saw this girl walking toward me wearing a tight pair of jeans and a white wife beater tank top, with nothing other than her false eyelashes, day-old, caked on make-up and Burberry scarf tied around her neck to keep her warm. Through all my pain, I was still catty enough to wonder why she didn't just wear a sign that said, "To all you boys who like your women on the crazy side, I'm too psycho to even feel the cold" It would have accomplished the same thing as her outfit. Yeah, and I suppose I could have skipped writing this paragraph and written, "Meow" instead. It would have accomplished the same thing too.


Ice said...

Yesterday morning, 38 degrees F.: I'm entering hospital lobby, Acquaintance is leaving the hospital lobby. Acquaintance is retired 70+ gentleman (owned and ran a successful jeweley store.) He is wearing a short sleeve summer shirt and walking shorts.
Too bad we couldn't have introduced your girl and my gentleman! Hope Saturday finds you full of your usual P & V.

dmarks said...

That's some pig!

Not Fainthearted said...

I *think* my migraine is done. At least it's hiding way way way around the corner this morning.

Anyway, I tagged you over at my place. heh.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

My first thought (after feeling sad about your migraine issues) was that that woman was performing the "walk of shame" after a hearty one night stand or probaby had thrown up on her coat and ditched it.

I'll see your meow and raise you a scratch.

Long_Division said...

While in Texas (at a lovely 66 degrees) I saw a girl wearing one of those puffy down jackets, a toboggan (the hat, not the sled) and knee-high leather boots with her jeans tucked inside.

HI! I missed you!

evil-e said...

I wear shorts even when the weather is like it is. Today it might have hit 40 degrees....but I hate wearing long pants. Maybe that girl does not like wearing whole shirts? Or maybe she is just insane like you said.

Churlita said...


They would have probably totally hit it off.


You like that? I got a lot of pictures just like it. It's one of the many bonuses of living in Iowa.


Good for you.

I got your tag and I'll do it.


She was definitely doing the walk of shame. A lot of college kids don't bring their coats to the bars because they'll get stolen.

Long Division,

I really, really missed you too.

Maybe I need to teach a seminar on how to dress appropriately for the weather. There appears to be a need.


That's a little different. The thing that was weirdest to me, was the scarf she wore with the wife beater. It looked so insane together.

michi said...

Crazy people. I'd rather look poofy and bundled-up than be cold. Then again, she might have been doing the walk o' shame :)