Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Don't Want to Work, I Just Want to Bang on the Drum All Day

Here are some drums and cymbals.

The girls are off school tomorrow, and both went off to their different functions by ten o'clock tonight. I won't tell you what I did, but I'll give you a hint - it involves totally geeking out. Unfortunately, I still have one more day to go before my four day weekend.

As always, my fantasy for this weekend includes a lot of running, a lot of hanging out with my girls and enjoying my home comfort sanctuary in my jammies. The reality of my four days looks more like this:

Day one: Get up earlier than I want. Try to run. Prepare this cheesy (and you know how good I am with cheesy) potato dish my aunt asked me to make. Make sure we have a decent road trip play list on the iPod and drive to Ottumwa to see the family. My cousin is supposed to be down from Wisconsin with his wife and kid and my sister will be there with her youngin's, so there should be plenty of little kids for me to harass. Drive home from Ottumwa. Make pumpkin cheesecake bars. Gather up the XBox and Guitar Hero games and head over to my friend K.'s house. Stay for as long as I can before I pass-out from over stimulation. Go home and sleep.

Day two: Wake-up very, very late. Run. Make a huge point NOT to go anywhere near a mall. lounge around and maybe clean if I feel like it. Take Coadster to a friend's house so she can babysit. Go to the Picador and watch people play rock. Stay for as long as I can before I pass-out from over stimulation. Go home and sleep.

Day three: Wake up very, very late. Run. Make another huge point NOT to go anywhere near a mall. Take care of my recycling and put a little more energy into cleaning. Once my house is clean, put some serious energy into lounging and relaxing. I'll probably play some games and I may watch The Departed, you know, just in case I was worried I wouldn't experience enough violence with my video games. Turn off the TV before I pass out from over stimulation. Sleep.

Day four: Wake up very, very late. Run. Go grocery shopping. Get things ready for the upcoming week. Lament and dread having to work FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW. Wonder what the hell I did the last four days and why I don't feel all that rested.

So, how will you all piddle away your extra time?


Mr Atrocity said...

Extra time? Wow, I've had eight days off work in the last three months and that includes weekend days. I can't remember what extra time feels like. My chair in the studio is awfully familiar though.

evil-e said...

Sounds like you have it all laid out. It's good to have a plan and better to try to stick to it. Hopefully you come close to achieving this fantasy weekend.

I agree with the statement "make a HUGE point not to go anywhere near a mall"..that's part of my plan as well.

Tara said...

My extra time will be spent either making some final cleaning decisions before the guests come and the rest will be totally sleeping in and goofing off. Can't sleep in tomorrow, though. Gotta do the cookin. I think I'll prepare some stuff tonight, though.

Be careful on the road this holiday. I keep hearing a few states will be getting a drenching and possible...s.n.o.w. Shh, don't let it hear its name. ;)

Not Fainthearted said...

extra time..... sleep, of course! and hang out with the boys....well, until they leave to go hang out with their friends. But I'll only get three of those days because I'm hauling butt until Thursday night...serves me right for hosting.

fringes said...

day one: eat
day two: eat leftovers
day three: find a nice restaurant
day four: Texans@Browns

Chance said...

Oh, I guess I'll make lists of chores that can only be done during the workday (like go to the bank, phone a doctor, etc). And then I'll sleep late and surf the web and watch movies and not do most of them. That sounds like me.

jeci said...

Pumpkin. Cheesecake. Bars. For the love of elastic waistbands, please use your extra time to post the recipe! Happy (American) Thanksgiving!

laura b. said...

I have gotten on further in my planning than eating a big meal at my dad's house on Thanksgiving. Then I will do stuff such as sleep in and throw in the never ending loads of laundry. No shopping. Those four days will fly by.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

I'm so sorry. I suppose you have no reason to celebrate Thanksgiving in England, huh?


Yeah. Mauls are scary when it's not the day after Thanksgiving.


S-N-O-W showed up tonight, but should be gone by tomorrow.


But when you host, you can drink and not have to drive anywhere.


It sounds perfect.


I really need to be better about making lists. Even if I don't get anything done on them.


Yours was last month, right?


Sleeping sounds wonderful right now. I think I'll give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

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