Friday, November 16, 2007

I Love to Take a Photograph

Here are some of those feathery plants I seem to like so much.

Hey, you know. Now that I think about it, today wasn't really all that bad. I've been better about sleeping lately and holy shit, does it make a difference in how I deal with being at work. If I have problems again next week, I've discovered a wonderful cure. All I have to do, is sit through a meeting about cash handling procedures where they make me listen to a taped presentation at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon. If this afternoon was any indication, I'll be out like a light in about 5 minutes.

So, it's going to be tricky posting tomorrow in order to meet the NaBloMe guidelines. Stinky and I will have to leave for Ames to see Coadster in the All State choir around 1'ish. We have to meet her around 3:30, take her out to eat and then hang-out for another two hours before her show. The performance won't end until around 10, which means it should be after midnight before we get home. I guess I'll just have to post before we leave, so it will be kind of back-to-back. Stinky said she'd make a fun road trip playlist on the iPod for us to listen to on the way to Ames and back. If Stinky makes it, we should be listening to a lot of eighties music, which is just fine with me.

Maybe I should have just used bullets for all my random thoughts tonight. Anyway, I bought a new camera tonight. I had to have one to take photos of Coadster tomorrow. It sucked having to spend the money, but with a sale, and a coupon, and the fact that the prices have gone down in the last couple of years since I bought the last one, it cost about the same amount for a WAY better camera. Just don't expect the photos to get any better. I still live in Iowa, so you'll be continuing to see hogs and barns and feedlots and farmers wearing seed corn caps.


Chance said...


* bullets rule

* you rule

* Iowa is not the cradle of civilization

* I am quite drunk.

Remiman said...

Have a great weekend.
Wave if you see us fly fy. ;)

evil-e said...

glad to hear you got a new camera, photos are always cool...

Meetings are truly better than pharmasuticals any day. Especially when they give you the taped portion...oooh fun.

Not Fainthearted said...

Gee. chance took my gag...and I'm not even drunk!

Have a wonderful day at the all-state. Those are always a hoot.

laura b. said...

I'm glad you felt ready to commit to a new camera. :-)
Have a great time at Coadster's performances.
That picture of the feathery plants reminds me of my grandma. She used to have those and she would dye them different colors somehow...

Churlita said...


That is about the best comment I've ever received on here. I totally encourage drunken commenting.


Oh, I'm so jealous of your trip.


I know. Who uses a taped presentation and expects people to stay awake?


Yeah, it's hard to top Chance's comment.



I'm glad I dove back in. This new camera is so much better than the old. Maybe it's true what they say, don't settle because you'll definitely find what you want.