Monday, November 05, 2007

Cause All My Rowdy Friends are Back on Monday Night

Guess what time it is? That's right, it's time for more of Stinky's self-portraits. No camera you say? That's what cell phones are for. This first one is after I gave stinky a haircut. Oh, and look. She managed to capture the dirty clothes in the hamper behind her. Nice shot.

You know how Stinky likes to take a million photos of herself? Well, Coadster is not all that hip to it. We have just as many pictures with Coadster hiding her face in her hands, which just makes it even more fun to try to photograph her.

I'm not sure what Stinky sprays on the mirror to make it all weird and cloudy, but it's kind of an interesting effect. Here she's actually wearing her glasses...And my shirt without having asked permission first.

Hey, there's our old camera. Oh camera, we hardly knew ya.

Many people have accused Stinky and I of making the same dorky, smirking faces when photographing ourselves. I'll just address that by saying, yeah. So?

Tonight I went to my friend James' house to watch the Steelers on Monday Night Football on his GIGANTIC screen in high def. It was so very awesome, and The Steelers kicked such serious ass. During the beginning of the second half, my friend James said, "Damn. The Steelers have gone over five minutes without a touchdown. I'm starting to get bored." You want to know how powerful I am? The only two games The Steelers lost so far this season, are the two that I haven't watched. Talk about a super hero power.

The only problem with watching football with K. and I if you're a guy, is that we talk a lot about how hot certain players are. At one point, James' roommate came into watch for a bit and James said, "Hey, Joel. I guess this guy is particularly handsome." So, maybe we commented on it a little excessively. You would too if you had seen him, and what's the point of watching football anyway, if you can't ogle the players?


Not Fainthearted said...

Uh ogling players? that would be the ONLY reason to watch...

and also, you should try professional soccer. fewer pads/clothes to get in the way. And they've really improved their upper body strength since the 80's...

did I mention the shorts??

Mr Atrocity said...

I see your unflattering self-portrait contortions and I raise ya.

(sarcasm on.)

Player ogling eh? That's the trouble with women: no subtlety, no appreciation for the beauty and poetry of motion, no engagement with the history of the game. It's all about buff boys for you isn't it? That's all you ever think about!

(sarcasm now switched off again.)

Remiman said...

Ogling....a good thing.
No footballers for me though. ;)

dmarks said...

not faint: Fewer fans too!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

ya'll have great hair!

Tara said...

That's really the only point of watching baseball and soccer, too. Nice legs, nice bu....well you get the point. ;)

Did you know that it's Digital Camera Appreciation Day over at my blog? Your photo of your MIA camera is perfect for today. I'm hoping your camera pops up in perfect condition very soon.

Margaret said...

i'm impressed with your madd hair-cutting skilz

Michelle said...

How cute! Lol. My little sister is just like Stinky, I'm the one who usually covers her face with her arms :P

minijonb said...

taking dorky photos is the best... regardless of if they ever make it on the blog/web/flickr or not. looks like you had some fun with those.

booda baby said...

Hm. I think all that living with football players and having them as best friends ruined my ogling abilities. It's not a fair trade. Ogling the Steelers sounds really really nice, especially since I had to watch the Pats on Sunday. Even if I COULD ogle? I am sorry to say that I couldn't ogle a team I didn't like.

Stinky's so cute.

laura b. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your football game viewing! Don't let anyone deny your right to enjoy it however you like.
It is so daughter makes the EXACT same faces as Stinky does when she takes her endless cell phone photos.

evil-e said...

Be sure to watch's Browns week and around here thems fightin words!!

Chance said...

Why would any guy even give a seconds' thought to your ogling, let alone comment on it? I take it as a given that the ladies are ogling the players. I'm ogling the cheerleaders.

Churlita said...


Soccer, eh? I'm putting it on my list.

Mr Atrocity,

I love that smirky photo of you.

I also like your sarcasm.


You are welcome to ogle the cheerleaders then.


It depends if your talking about the US or worldwide.


Except for Coadster, we're all at the mercy of our straighteners.


Thanks. I am still hopeful, but it's starting to fade. I barely remember what he looks like anymore.


The things you learn how to do when you're to poor to pay for a professional...


Isn't it funny how 2 girls can be such opposites and still be sisters?


Stinky always has fun with her self-portraits. She ought to be able to wallpaper a room with them by the time she's 18.

Booda Baby,

I'm with you on that. I could never ogle the Cowboys, for instance.


Those faces must be hidden somewhere in a girl's genetic code.


Will you have to move if the Steelers win?


Exactly. It's only fair.

evil-e said...

no moving, just heavy gloating for another year.....