Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Scene Was rocking, All Were Digging the Sounds

So, here's the deal. Tonight started out so fun, but then got bad and then worse. Basically, when we went to leave at around midnight, my car was dead. Luckily, K. has triple A and she called them to come and help us. I was oh so very tired and I think K. was too, but my friend T. just drank a HUGE shot, and was wired for sound. She was really, really funny and kept asking us to look at the imprint her face left when she smushed it against the car window. It took a while for the tow truck, so T. decided to walk home. K. and I waited and the guy who answered the call was nice, but kind of creepy. You know how you get a weird vibe from certain people? Well, I've learned to trust my instincts on that. I don't when it comes to dating, because apparently, I'm very gullible, but my creepy guy vibe is working strong.

Turns out, my battery is bad. The creepy guy kept trying to get me to let him install the battery for me tonight, but I just wanted to go home. The last thing I wanted to do, was sit in my car in my Halloween costume and wait for the guy to go back to the shop and then come back and fix my battery for 100 and some dollars. So, he dropped me and my friend K. off and K. was smart and made a point to ask me to call her the minute I got home in front of the creepy guy, just in case...In case what? I guess, in case I ended up buried in his basement somewhere.

Then when I got home, I thought I'd check out the cool photos I took, and realized my camera was missing. I remember having it at the Dublin Underground when I took it out to take a picture of a guy named Tommy, who was dressed like Elvis and his wife Monica, who was dressed like a seventies groupie, but then I thought I put it in my bag and locked my bag in my car before I went to the Picador. So, tomorrow I'll check the Dublin to see if I left it there, I might check my car better, but I won't check with the creepy guy, because it isn't worth finding myself buried in his basement.

The end.


Mr Atrocity said...

Ooh, that's a harsh end to an evening. Keeping my fingers crossed that the camera shows up.

Remiman said...

That sucks! Hope your camera is somewhere safe and waiting for you to find it.
A creepy guy on halloween, gee that's odd. ;)

evil-e said...

Holy crap, what a bad night. The "creepy guy", horror movie plot line indicator just makes it that much worse. I think you were right not to trust him, especially on Halloween.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Oh. Well. Now my night is looking up in my mind!

Les Q said...

bummer about the camera..

perhaps the creepy guy stole it and took a pic of your battery while you werent looking at him....and now hes got hundreds of the pic printed and pasted up on his wall...

nar thats too creepy

hope ya find it!!

Not Fainthearted said...

Does not sound like fun. Hope your camera is found....I was shocked to have no picture!! ;-)

Tara said...

Yuck, what a horrible night! I hope that you do find your camera soon and that it's at the Dublin.

Did T make it home okay too?

Killer said...

Nothing sucks more than turning up dead in some creepy guy's basement, trust me.

booda baby said...

But a fresh battery makes it all so much better. The more juice, the less you run into creepyness.

YOu know, if you don't look too closely or read too closely, that almost seems like a Big Truth. I wouldn't want to actually test it, though.

I'm going to believe you'll find your camera.

Brando said...

That really sucks, I hope you find the camera.

David in DC said...

If you had had your camera, you could have jump-started your battery, right? No? Me neither. But I bet MacGuyver could.

Hope today was better.

David in DC said...

Oops, forgot to compliment you on the post title. It drives me wild; it drives me crazy.

dmarks said...

MacGyver does not need a digital camera to jump start a car. A mere broken flashlight will do that job.

Best to save the camera for later tasks. When combined with a drinking glass and a pocket calculator, it can be turned into a laser cannon that can puncture a battleship.

laura b. said...

Aw, I'm sorry things went south Churlita. Want me to call the tow truck guy for you if the camera doesn't turn up elsewhere? I am feeling evil enough to take on one creepy tow truck guy...

Chance said...

"We started recreational, it ended kinda medical. It came on hot and soft and then it tightened up its tentacles."

Are you going to post your Novel-in-a-month?

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Still no luck with the camera.. Wah.


I guess the creepy guy on Halloween was kind of perfect.


Yeah. He was a little too creepy, and it was the right night for bad things to happen.


It can always be worse, can't it?


Who knows what he'd do with it if he had my camera.


I know. I feel so bad for not being able to provide you with that.


I think T. made it home alright. If she didn't, I'm sure I would have heard.


Don't I know it.

Booda Baby,

A kind of gross big truth....Ha ha.


I know. Me too.


MacGuyver would have only needed some tin foil and some chewing gum.


Did we just switch from MacGuyver to James Bond?

Laura B.,

Thanks. I bet you could totally take him.


No. I am doing the post every day thing, though.