Thursday, November 15, 2007

'Cause I'm Back on the Track and I'm Beatin' the Flack

Here are some leaves congregating by a sewer grate.

Tonight was definitely a girl night in our world. Coadster left for Ames today, so it was just me and Stinky. I decided to plan something that Stinky would like, but Coadster probably wouldn't. We went to the big scary maul with my freinds K. and T. As I've said before, Stinky loves hanging with my girlfriends, mostly because they're awesome but they're also more girly than I am, and they all point out cute things to each other.

Tonight, all that girl energy was particularly helpful to me. I decided to go shopping for that little dress to go with my boots. I originally wanted a red one and had something particular in mind style wise too. I tried on a lot of cute (there's that word again) red dresses with black polka dots or with funky designs, and some with lace that came out of the bottom of the skirt. I found one I liked, but since I've almost gained back all the weight I wanted, I have a little too much junk on top to wear it without it looking obscene. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my current weight and finally getting my junk back, it just makes me the wrong build for certain clothes. I was, however, the right build for the adorable (see? I own a thesaurus) short black velvet dress I did buy. Stinky tried it on with my boots - that I've usurped from her, and it looks perfect together. In case you're wondering, (and I'm sure everyone is on the edge of their seats right now) I also bought a pair of black hose with the seam in the back. I think I'm ready for the Santa bar crawl now.

I promise that I'll make tomorrow's post less girly. Hey, I know. I'll write about the mix CD I made K. this week. How's about that?


evil-e said...

Nothing wrong with boys like that about females. Nothing wrong with "junk" either!

To continue on a theme you've had the last couple of nights:
Sleep deprivation rules!! Here it is 1:27 am and I have already had a full nights sleep.

Remiman said...

If I wasn't off to Texas this week I'd be inclined to drift toward Iowa just to see the Christmas Crawl. ;)

Mr Atrocity said...

Black velvet rules. I have a black velvet frock coat for when I really feel like channeling a mixture of Lord Byron and Doctor Who. Everyone feels good in black velvet.

Tara said...

That sounds like a great outfit! I've never had anything with black velvet before. Sounds cute! >:)

Not Fainthearted said...

sounds awesome.

Sayyyy, can I borrow you girlie girlfriends? I need a new winter coat (not to mention some winter office clothes) and DE.TEST shopping.

just wondering......

sounds like the crawl will be a hoot.

Margaret said...

i thought up-top junk was a good thing? maybe i need some girlies to advise

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Gaining weight has never been my problem - but all the same - kudos to you for recognizing what's healthy!

Are you sure you should dress up for this Christmas Crawl thing? Sounds like you'll want to wear (what I used to call 'em) heavy drinkin' clothes.

broinlaw said...

Sewer Grate?!?
Looks more like a stormwater catch basin. Is this near your house? If so it probably has nothing do do with the sewer but rather stormwater diversion to that lovely creek.
Thanks for the lovely shot of an important part of your municipal infrastructure. Would you consent to letting me use your photograph for the purposes of govermental propagana?

fringes said...

Like Mr Atrocity, I also have a black velvet coat. Beautiful. Never worn. 80 degree winters are hell on a girl's black velvet wardrobe pieces.

David in DC said...

Pictures of you in what sounds like a darn sexy little number.

We need pictures.

laura b. said...

My daughter would love to have more of those girly shopping adventures. I wish I could work up the enthusiasm more often.
Your outfit is going to kill! And, yes, we must see photographic evidence.

How word verification is jhate. You're mean, word verification thing!

Churlita said...


Doesn't it though? Too bad we have to get up and be functional at work all day.


The Christmas crawl isn't until the 6th, so you can still make it.


Man, I wish I had a black velvet coat to go with my dress.


You should try it. It's very classic and stuff.


Yes, you can. They are so good at helping with the girlie stuff.


A little looks good. Too much is just kind of trashy and obscene.


I won't be able to drink too much anyway, being me. But this outfit is pretty comfortable.


I'm sure you're right. What do I know. Thanks for giving me photo credit on that. I feel so special and famous now.


I'm kind of mourning for your black velvet coat.


I'll try to get those to you guys.


Your word verification sounds kind of angry and French. J'hate.