Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Wanted to be With You Alone and Talk About the Weather

Look what I found on the side of my house on Saturday!

Have you ever noticed how time consuming your life is? I'm always amazed how fast every weekend goes. This one started so great, but not exactly how I envisioned. The storms ended before I even got off work. Once I was home, both my girls asked if I could go pick up their friends. So, we did some driving around and then Stinky and her friend went to watch movies at someone else's house and Coadster took her friend (who's boyfriend had just broken up with her) to one of the school playgrounds to swing on the swings. I thought that sounded like a brilliant remedy for heartbreak.

I washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry, and then Coadster came home after cheering up her friend. We ordered a taco pizza and watched the movie, It's Complicated, which I thought was pretty damn funny. I had a couple of beers and then Stinky and her friend came home and we all went to bed. Perfect night.

Is it a good or bad sign when your weekend ends with a rainbow?

Saturday was crazy hectic, but really nice. Coadster babysat for a friend of mine who is almost done with grad school, but has three kids and a group project due and a husband who was out of town on business. So, Stinky and I went down to the farmer's market and then to the comic book store to get our free comic books and then to Prairie Lights to drool over books and then stopped drooling and ate lunch at Bruegger's Bagel Bakery. We went from there to buy very cheap flowers for the garden.

After we got home, I went for a run. I came back all full of runner's high and then proceeded to do a TON of yard work. I raked up five more HUGE bags of leaves and kept working on trimming up all the tree branches and putting them in tidy piles to burn in the fire pit. I got most of my flower beds turned over, so now all I have to do is rake and plant. FINALLY. After all of that I was exhausted. The mushroom hunting party ended up being a bust, so that was one less thing to do. Instead, I let my friend G. and C. talk me into going out for a bit on Saturday night. I warned them that my brain had exhausted itself and not to expect me to be able to think of the right words or to finish sentences or anything really difficult like that.

A long time ago when I was in college there used to be these crazy May Day parties at a house where Kurt Vonnegut lived when he was in Iowa City. So, someone organized a Facebook group to get a lot of those people back into town for May Day. C. and G. knew a lot more of the people than I did, but I was just happy to hang out with C. and G....Especially since C. was the one who wrote a great letter of rec for Coadster to get her scholarship. Anyway, it was nice, I drank my two beers and I was home around 11.

Today, I was going to spend the whole day planting, but of course, life got in the way...Again. Coadster said we should go to Walgreens to get very cheap grad party invites made. We ended up spending 5 whole dollars for 50. Nice. The only thing is that it took forever to get them made and then we got groceries, and then I was going to go running and THEN do some planting. Right as I was getting my running stuff on, a car pulled up in my drive way. It was my friends Stacy and Joanne. I love them and haven't seen them for a while. They came over to give me some wind chimes as a housewarming gift and they also gave me their gas powered mower. We have a push mower, but it doesn't quite get everything and doesn't work well when the grass is wet, so it will be nice to have both. Of course, they stayed a while and that was nice, but then right when I went to work in the garden, it started raining and foiled that plan. I'll just have to work on it during the week and be happy that I got to have a great talk with good friends who helped me identify a lot of the plants already coming up in my garden and after it stopped raining, there was a really pretty rainbow. Awwww.


rel said...

Sounds as if you had a "variety is the spice of life" weekend. Kinda like neopolitan ice cream.
Found one morel peaking up yesterday just before leaving to return to Syr.

Tara said...

That's what I need to do, I need to hop on some swings! That does sound like a perfect remedy for just about anything!

I watched "New Moon" and "The Lovely Bones" this weekend. Wasn't crazy about "New Moon" (that girl's lack of acting again), but "The Lovely Bones" was interesting.

booda baby said...

I got to smell Iowa in the spring, there. Thanks so much for that.

I liked your weekend of things growing up and getting planted and it made me miss how well things get tended to by a whole community. Not that it doesn't happen here, but ... please. Three people do their own gardening or landscaping. Pft.

SkylersDad said...

We had kind of tough weekend around here, buying another major appliance=sucks.

Pamela said...

What is that orange one?
I'm going to start really detailing my weekend and see if it compares... You always do so much!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Rainbows are a sign of good things..!

Ananda girl said...

Being the Kurt Vonnegut fan that I am...oooohhhh how cool!

laura b. said...

Sounds wonderful. Coadster sounds like she has good instincts with the swing therapy.
I saw It's Complicated too and really liked it.

Hey, my word is 'distenz'. Doesn't that sound like a new e.d. pill? haha!

Churlita said...

Rel, Yes, there was a lot of variety...I just wish there was more spice to it. :)

Tara, There is very little that swinging on swings won't cure.

Booda Baby, We do all kind of help tend each other's garden's here. I love that part of living in Iowa.

Skyler's, I'm so sorry. I just keep hoping my fridge holds out for a while longer.

Pamela, I think you beat me out this time. You may have done twice what I accomplished. Now, get some rest.

Mrs., Oh, good. That's what I was hoping.

Ananda, I think he was here in spirit..

LauraB., I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. It was exactly what I wanted to see. Alec Baldwin was hilarious and Meryl STreep was adorable.