Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Don't Tread on an Ant He's Done Nothing to You

Here is a picture of some daisies I'll be planting in my garden this week. Because I need to see something pretty right now.

Sometimes you have a fine day and the weather is amazing and work isn't all that bad and you spend your 3 o'clock break out on a sunny bench reading your book. Then after work is over, you have a pleasant bike ride home. You run for an hour after taking a couple of days off and you feel amazingly strong on this warm and windy day.

You come in the house and the first thing you hear is, "Mom! I'm gonna puke. LOOK AT THIS!" You are high out of your mind from endorphins, so you try to stay focused. You think your daughter must have the flu and you wonder why she doesn't just get a bowl or go to the bathroom if she feels like she's going to be sick. She points to the kitchen and she says, "Look in there. Gross!"

What you see when you peek into your kitchen is a floor covered in little flying bugs. What the!... You reach under the sink and spray every inch of the floor with Raid. Later, after you check things out on the internets (as suggested by your sister) you realize the bug spray spaz, while quite satisfying, was actually a bad idea. Because the web has instructed you to pick-up one of these creatures, now dripping in poison and look at its wings and its body to see if it is a termite or an ant. They're pretty tough to distinguish. So, you find a few that aren't quite so drenched and put them in a tupperware container. You hope to bring them to a pest control place as early as possible, in order to quell your bad habit of creating bizarre scenarios in your head. If you know the damage of a thing, one way or the other, you are generally much less likely to spaz.


rel said...

Holy crap! Ants eat your food but termites eat your house.
Ants would be better in my book.

Poptart said...

I hope they are ants!!

Tara said...

Good luck, I hope they're just ants and that there's a simple solution for it!

In the last two houses I lived in with my parents, we would get ants and house spiders, or we called them water spiders. They were hideous and freaky.

SkylersDad said...

Look on the bright side, you didn't find them in your refrigerator!

Yeah, that's a stretch, I know...

NoRegrets said...

At least you don't have slugs. 2 inch long slugs eating your cat's food.

laura b. said...

I was so happy, right along with you for the first part of that post!

I have my fingers crossed for flying ants....

Johnny Rojo said...

Whether ants or termites, neither are good-- ants can eat up wood frames as well as termites.

We had a horrendous ant problem when I first moved into this place-- it's an old frame building that was built in 1911. It finally abated when my landlord sent a professional pest control after them.

BTW, I've moved my blog:


Churlita said...

Rel, I know. We'll just have to see how bad the termites are.

Poptart, Thanks for hoping, but now we need to rehope that the termites didn't start any new colonies in my house.

Tara, Those weird water spiders are kind of prehistoric looking, aren't they?

Skyler's. That made me laugh and I needed that./ Thanks.

Nor, You're right. When I lived in Northern California we had those huge banana slugs, but I don't remember them eating cat food.

LauraB., I was happy for the first part too. Now, I just have to see how the saga ends..Or doesn't.

Johnny, Okay. I gotta check out your new blog. I'm really bad about updating my blog roll, but I'll try really hard to remember.