Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Time is Precious, I Know

Here is another pic of the old neighborhood kids.

One of these days, I'll actually get to hang out at my house after work....Maybe even tomorrow. Tonight, I rode my bike home, went running, heated up leftovers from Sunday dinner and went to Coadster's choir concert. It was very nice and it's the second to last one of her high school career. I have no idea how many I've been to since Coadster started in the Iowa City Girl's Choir in 4th grade, but I'd wager it's been at least a shit ton. It will be so weird next year not to go to any.

The concert ended just as Stinky was getting off work and we all finally got home at 9:30. It's also weird to think that after this month, I'll start having time to do things...Not just work around the house things either...Leisurely things. I plan to appreciate the hell out of every bike ride, canoeing expedition and extended run in the middle of the day. Stinky also mentioned that she'd like to go fishing again. When the girls were little, we used to go with a guy I dated and his father and Stinky really loved it. So, I told her we could get licenses and I'd ask around for decent fishing holes around town. When's the last time any of you have gone fishin'?


rel said...

I was going to say it's been awhile but remembered I'd gone fishing with my grand daughters last summer. All Mark Twain like and stuff!

Tara said...

Fishing is a perfect summer activity. We used to use string cheese as bait, and we would catch fish after fish with that stuff.

Johnny Rojo said...

I feel really sad when I go by the park near our home and see the kids playing baseball and realize that my son's not one of them.

I haven't been fishing since I was in college-- my grandparents retired to Arkansas and my grandfather used to take me fly-fishing near one of the TVA dams near his home when I'd come to visit.

My son has a grown cousin on my ex's side who brings him fishing once in a while. Maybe I should add it to the list of things to make time for when I finish school.

Pamela said...

Fishing in Maine - what, now, 2 years ago?

laura b. said...

An estimate of a shit ton of concerts viewed is surely conservative. haha!

I haven't been fishing in I don't know how long...a loooong time.

Churlita said...

REl, In my book,"all Mark Twain like" is a good thing.

Tara, String cheese, eh? I suppose that would be better than handling slimy night crawlers all day.

Johnny, I've always wanted to learn how to fly fish. Maybe in the next couple of years, I'll go on vacation to Montana and take lessons.

Pamela. Oh, I remember that. It looked really beautiful there.

LauraB., ha ha. You are so right.

jeci said...

How did I miss this post? Your love for your daughters is always apparent. I'm certain they know it too. :)

jeci said...

Hm. It would seem I missed this (or another?) post since my reader and/or Internet is TOTALLY RANDOM and spits me onto random unrelated posts when I come to your site to comment...my previous comment was meant for another post, but it's still true, so it stands!