Monday, May 31, 2010

And I Ain't No Fool For Love Songs That Whisper in My Ears

Here's me with Mr B. and FMDM.

Okay, wow. This was an incredible, long weekend. So, I'm just going to have to break it up into one day a blog post. I'll start with Friday (which seems like a month ago) and move on to Saturday tomorrow. Is that confusing enough for you?

Anyway, I left work at noon on Friday, rode my bike home and then had a nice relaxing run. Right before I left work, G. told me she had a solution to my broken lawn mower problem. She knew a guy named, J. who has a knife sharpening business. She told him that I had two lawnmowers, a gas powered mower that wouldn't start and a push mower that might need its blades sharpened. He said to bring him the two mowers and he'd sharpen the one, look at the other to see if he could fix it and in the meantime lend me his super nice, new mower that made me very, very envious of him. G. got off work early on Friday too and after my run, she drove over and we did the lawn mower switcheroo. How nice of J. I had only met him once before, and his girlfriend was one of the realtors I worked with when I bought my house, so I feel like I owe him a HUGE debt of gratitude.

This is what metal karaoke looks like...Now, new and improved with extra added air guitar. You know what's fun to do? Go to a metal show and when everyone's talking about his death, say really loudly, "Hey, who's this Ronnie James Dio guy, anyway?" And watch all the RAWK! boys' heads spin around until they realize you're just messin' with them.

So, I mowed most of my lawn and then got a call from Radio Shack telling me my iPod was back from getting a new battery installed. Hurray! But then I got it home and my computer didn't even recognize it to synch it to my iTunes. Boo! I'm not sure how to fix it, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thank you in advance.

Stinky and I went to the store to get stuff we needed for the grad party and I got some cleaning done, before the girls both took off to different grad parties and I went to meet some friends out. I wasn't going to, but I got so much done during the day and my girls weren't home anyway, and a friend's band was playing and there was going to be metal karaoke after that and I'd have most of the next day to finish everything else up...And apparently, I had a million excuses to go, so why not?

Here is a gam check. Look! I got all girly and painted my toes.

There had been rumors that Mr. B. would be there, but he's not the most reliable person you'll ever meet, so I doubted I'd see him. Now that I'm over him, it's fine for me either way. He's more fun than I can handle sometimes, so I know I'm going to have a good time when hes' around, but I won't fall for his crap either.

Turns out, he showed up after all. He texted me when he got into town and after some friends of mine and I stopped by the Foxhead to bug a friend of ours who was working there, K. texted Mr. B. to tell him to meet us at the Dublin. He showed up and finally met my friends (he went to high school with K., so he already knew her). Then we all went to see the band and the karaoke. It was a great time, but Mr. B. kept trying to get us to go back to the Dublin for some reason. We finally headed there for last call and then I drove everyone to K.'s house for after hours. I knew he had been trying to get me alone for most of the night. So, we finally had THE conversation. He told me he had just broken up with his girlfriend and really cared about me and wanted to try again. I told him I couldn't trust him, and I could really only be his friend right now. He asked me what he'd have to do in order for me to believe him and I said how about he talked to me about all of this sometime when he was sober. He said, "touche'!" and assured me he would, but I know he won't and that's why I said that. Like I said, I'm all for being friends, but even I'm not dumb enough to want anything more than that from him. I was surprised that he was still trying after everything. He definitely gets an A for persistence


Tara said...

I like the tattoo on that one guy's leg!

Looking forward to reading about your Saturday!

Pamela said...

Good not to hold your breath, but you never ever know.
What a Friday! Glad you went out.

girl crush said...

he might also get an a for asshat. so sorry i missed coadster's party! i'm sure it was wonderful and you are one proud mama!

Churlita said...

Tara, It's cool, isn't it?

Pamela, I know. I've been through this before with him, and I know exactly where it's going...Nowhere.

Girl Crush, Ha ha. You are so right. We missed you too. When you come and play again?

laura b. said...

Sounds like a good thing that you didn't ignore the signals the universe was sending and stay in!

There is something about persistance....dangit.