Monday, May 24, 2010

This Heat Has Got Right Out of Hand

Does it ever feel like the birds in your neighborhood are out to get you? They did this to me less than a half hour after I washed my car. Stupid, dumb, ignorant birds...

Well, kids. I'm not sure where any of you live, but it is hot as hell here in Iowa. This is the first really hot weather we've had since we moved into our house. Of course, the lack of air conditioning didn't seem like that big a deal when we moved in in November.

Tonight I gave plasma after work, but didn't dare run, since I would have been too dehydrated even if I had all of my fluids. Instead, I came home and Coadster and I finally took care of the last form for her financial aid. It's due June 1st, so we're pushing it...As usual. Then Coadster went to her dad's and Stinky came home and I made some more fresh de gallo salsa that we had with guacamole and lettuce on quesadillas. It was about all we could get ourselves to eat when it was so hot.

This weekend I started reading Graham Greene's The Quiet American. Coadster suggested it and she's been really good at recommending books I wouldn't have chosen on my own, but am so glad to have read after the fact. So far, The Quiet American is good escapism. I've always been interested in the history of Vietnam and this book takes place during the French occupation and war, but before the Americans entered the picture.

Okay. I better try and hit the hay. I sleep even worse when it's this hot.


Ananda girl said...

Randy swears that we park under a bird flight path. So annoying!

rel said...

Better the car than your head? :))
It was 90 degrees here in central NY yesterday. Felt pretty good for the few minutes I was out and the sunshine was like gold for my psyche.
Then of course I live in an air-conditioned motel during the week.

Tara said...

I was wondering why I heard birds giggling and whispering about attacking your car. I'll send Skittles after them.

SkylersDad said...

I will take the cold over heat any day. I can always put on a layer for the cold, but the rules of society (and those restraining orders) don't allow me to take any more off.

Dexter said...

I like Graham Greene. I just finished rereading a good page turner Vietnam. The thriller "Up Country" by Nelson DeMille. It is about Vietnam Veteran returning to sites of his old battles while on a secret mission for U.S. govt. The thriller part is a bit over the top but fun. The history is completely accurate and the most compelling part is that DeMille himself was an infantry troop in the 1st Calvary (think Apocalypse Now) Air Assault Div. So those parts are every emotional and heartfelt.

Also check out Charles McCarry "Tears of Autumn" for something more like Quiet American but written by former CIA agent.

Dispatches by Michael Herr is non-fiction account of Marines in Vietnam that usually tops the list of favorites.

My favorite short stories about that event are Tim O'Brien's coll ection "The Things They Carried". His Vietnam novels are excellent as well.

Johnny Rojo said...

It's warm, but not too bad here.

In his book "A Bright Shining Lie," Neil Sheehan alludes to The Quiet American. Sheehan's book is about John Paul Vann, a fascinating, driven and terribly flawed guy who was pretty much a symbol of the American adventure in Vietnam. I think that Greene's book was rather prophetic.

Johnny Rojo said...

And BTW, my car too seems to be a target for the birds on our tree-lined street. While I'm content to let the next rain wash it off, my kids are mortified about it.

laura b. said...

It has been pretty moderate here lately. I prefer heat, but sometimes sleeping is a little more difficult.
Congrats on getting all your financial aid forms in. Such a big job.

booda baby said...

Aye aye aye. Heat would be so nice. We had ourselves a droopy tropical something or other last week and, after all our whining about the extended spring, couldn't wait for it to quit. God, it was hot. But it's back to chilly so your weather sounds wonderful! And it's the perfect temperature for reading Graham Greene, don't you think? Makes for a sympathetic environment.

Churlita said...

Ananda, I think I'm under that same flight path too.

Rel, Sadly, it's been my head before too. Sigh.

Tara, Did you also hear the squirrels or cats or whatever the hell is digging up my garden giggling too?

Skyler, I like hot weather, but the humidity was a bit much. I've never gotten used to it after growing up in Arizona.

Dexter, Thanks for the suggestions...As always. You really add to my reading list. Coadster also suggested The Things They Carried. I'll just have to keep adding...

JOhnny, I know I need to read more non-fiction. If only I could climb out of my pile of fiction books.

LauraB., Thanks. I'm not very good with paperwork. So not my thing.

Booda Baby, You are so right. I need to just get into the feel of the book and the weather and appreciate both of them.