Thursday, May 06, 2010

We're Going to Dance and Have Some Fun

Here are a bunch of ferns growing on the side of my house.

Okay. Here's how it all went down with the pest guy today...He looked around and had a hard time finding any signs of termites. I had to show him where the swarmers were and he went outside in that area and found some evidence of termites out there. He told me that his company did the original termite clean-up and said because of that, he'd only charge me 10% of the original cost to check it out and spot treat the bad areas. It will have to be done every year, and that will be a drag, but it's way better than letting termites eat my house up and at least I won't have to pay over a thousand dollars to take care of it all.

Soooooo, now lets' talk about something more fun, like the weekend. Tomorrow is my half day. Yea! My house is pretty clean and I mowed my yard tonight after work, so I shouldn't have a lot of cleaning to do. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, which might mean I won't be able to run, but it could be good for me to just stay inside and get my cupboards taken care of.

Coadster is babysitting on Friday night. I'm not sure what Stinky's doing, but I'll probably do my usual, hang out by myself at home and relax and be mellow gig.

Saturday I'll try to check out Project Green. I was going to plant more, but there's a chance of frost on Saturday night, so I'll wait until Sunday for that. Hopefully, I'll keep chugging along on my cupboards until it's time to get ready for my friend D.'s birthday party. The girl crush's birthday is Friday (happy birthday, girl crush!) and word on the street is that she'll be here on Saturday. I'm hoping it turns into another ridiculous dance party. The plan is for everyone to go to the bars at 11, and that's when I'll head home.

Sunday will be a yard work day. Stinky has to work most of the morning, so I'll get up early and get going. I would be so, so thrilled if I could get everything finally planted by the end of the weekend.

....And now the question is posed to you all, good bloggers...What are your plans? Will you be suffering from post termitic stress syndrome, or getting ready for a ridiculous dance party?


Mnmom said...

Do you have lilies of the valley amongst those ferns? Hope so, they smell so sweet.

My youngest finally agreed to postpone her birthday campfire cookout since it will be 40 freaking degrees and raining and possibly SNOWING!!!!!

rel said...

No dance parties,
No termites... I hope!

Niagra Falls for Mother's day with the new grand daughter.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

NoRegrets said...

House showing, reunion, visiting mom. Whew.
Glad about the termites!!!

Tara said...

I'm so glad the pest problem is getting taken care of without it costing too much money.

My mom gave me a bunch of VHS movies to donate to Salvation Army, but I picked out a few to keep for myself. So I might go through those to see if I still want them.

Oh and I'm going to a Mother's Day lunch with my mom and my sister-in-law tomorrow. Should be fun!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I want to do some planting and mow the little bit of grass that I have, clean the backyard up, and go to a friends 50th Birthday Bash at a local Pub.. But I will not be able to get it all done if it rains.. I will end up doing laundry and a bit of cleaning if it does rain.. I look forward to never having Termites.. ever!

laura b. said...

I'm glad your termite problem is going to be resolved in what is probably the least painful way :-)

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.

Johnny Rojo said...

Very glad that the bug problem is manageable (particularly financially)! Enjoy a well-earned night out!

I'm being taken out tonight for an early birthday party tonight-- birthday is actually Tuesday, the 11th, but I have my big end-of-the year nursing test the next morning, so I won't be celebrating that night. Then it's work, and god forbid, maybe even reading some non-school-related stuff!

booda baby said...

I'm on my way to a ridiculous dance party as we speak! It's for a one year old, so it's going to be extra special ridiculous.

I am really GLAD for the termite news.

Yay for you! Nice nights, all around, on me.