Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't be Shocked by the Tone of My Voice

Yet another pic of my garden...but look how pretty it is.

I think what I really need, is at least one whole day to myself. My half days on Fridays seem to get eaten up so fast, I don't get anything done. Both my girls have last period free, so by the time I get done running, I have about a half hour before my girls get home and the taxi rides begin. I've complained about this before, but I spend so much time running my girls all over town, I just don't get much else done.

So, you know what that means, don't you? I didn't get my cupboards even started this weekend. I actually got so stressed out at one point, that I decided to sit down and figure out what I could stand not to do. It looks like my kitchen will have unfinished cupboards for the grad party. I also decided to simplify the menu for the open house. I'm no longer making chili or soup. I'm sticking with sandwich fixin's, chips, salads and cake (of course) and calling it good. If people don't like it, they can just go to the 500 other grad parties going on that day and eat pulled pork sandwiches there. How's that for an attitude?

Okay. So Friday night I just stayed home and watched The Lovely Bones. I'm sorry if you liked that movie, but I was bored as hell through most of it...Until I got really annoyed at the end. There's two hours I won't get back...

On Saturday I spent the morning running my girls even more places. Coadster has a ton of grad parties and recitals to go to. She gets rides from friends to some, rides her bike to others, and then I take her to some too. By one o'clock, I got Stinky to work, Coadster to a recital and had the rest of the afternoon to myself. I started a compost pile, mowed my lawn, planted some more flowers and weeded my garden. Later in the afternoon a friend texted me to see if I wanted to come over for steak and margaritas. Of course, that was exactly what I wanted to do. So, I went over and ate and drank some and had a great conversation. At around 8:30, K. called to see if I could give her and my lovely friend, S. a ride downtown. I met them at my house and hauled them to the Dublin.

Erik was there, but so were a million of his other friends, so we only chatted briefly. It was still nice to see him. At some point one of my friends suggested I play some songs on the jukebox as an antidote to whatever 70's crap someone else had played. There was a table full of guys by the jukebox, and as I've said before, it's almost impossible for a girl to play songs on a jukebox, without some guy bugging her about what she's playing. One of the guys at the table gave me shit for playing a Spoon song. Then he continued to criticize every song I played and asked me if I could rid the world of one band or singer, who would that be. I said Michael Bolton. He got so obnoxious that I had to threaten to play the last 10 songs by The Cure, if he didn't shut-up. It didn't last long, but I at least got a couple of minutes to choose my songs in peace.

Today was Coadster's choir picnic. I got some work done around the house, but then I had to make chicken enchiladas to take there. We were there for over two hours, but Coadster won the most valuable singer award, as voted by her classmates, so that was really nice. Now, I better go get some cleaning done and go to bed.


rel said...

I'm glad to see monday! I need a rest.

Tara said...

I got really emotional over "The Lovely Bones". Strange movie and role for Stanley Tucci. I liked him better in "Julie and Julia".

Ananda girl said...

I have not seen The Lovely Bones, but read the book. Hollywood rarely does a movie from a book I've read that I care for.

I'm glad you took some time to yourself. The weather would not cooperate for us this weekend, so we had a quiet one. It was nice for a change.

laura b. said...

Is Coadster going off to college without a driver's license? Maybe that's a good thing....

I hate it when people call me out on my musical choices! You handled those boys well.

Oh and Lovely Bones...fine book, but I don't know what they were thinking with the movie! I wasn't a fan either.

Johnny Rojo said...

If you can arrange it, absolutely get a day to yourself. With us parents, it's a rare luxury, but very needed.

As a male, I'm fortunate not to have to deal as much with "male stupidity" as much as a woman does. But twice in the last week, I've held my cell phone up and said "Hey-- why don't you use my phone and call someone who gives a shit what you think."

Churlita said...

Rel, I know exactly what you're saying. Sitting in an air conditioned office didn't feel too bad today.

Tara, I thought he was great in the movie. so creepy. I could see why it made you emotional. I just thought it was way too long and then ending was super bizarre.

Ananda, Sometimes it's a good thing when the weather is bad and you're forced to rest.

LauraB., She doesn't have her license right now. My car is a stick shift which she can't drive and her dad's big ugly van wouldn't pass inspection to be used for a driving test.

Johnny, Oh man. That's brilliant. I wish I had thought of that...