Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Believe Me. Believe Me, I Can't Tell You Why

Here is some Lupin I just planted this evening. Remind me not to take pics when it's getting dark. The flash on my camera totally washes out the color.

Sooo, the bad news is that those creepy crawlers turned out to be termites. I'm not sure exactly what that means. I talked to the pest control guy and he was really nice. I told him I didn't have the kind of money it would probably take to get rid of them. He said not to worry yet. He said he'd need to come over and check things out in person, but it could be that I just had some swarmers and sometimes swarmers came with soldiers and the soldiers were what we had to worry about. It sounds like I could have a battlefield within the walls of my house.

Now, I'm trying hard not to blow things up in the darker places of my brain. The best way I know how to avoid that, is to keep busy, so I don't give myself a license to stew. Tonight I gave plasma and read my book. When I got home, I made dinner and Coadster informed that she was getting a humanitarian award in about a half hour. Huh? She said she forgot to tell me before that, but since I had already seen her receive humanitarian awards in the past, she didn't think it was a big deal either way. She was wrong, but I didn't have time to get Stinky dinner before her youth group AND go see Coadster get her award at the Englert Theater, so I guess I'll have to catch the next time she receives a humanitarian award.

By 7:30, both the girls were gone and I had about an hour of daylight left. I used that time to plant any of the flowers in containers I had. Except for a few of the border patrol Marigolds I'm planting around my tomatoes and basil to protect them from the critters, I got all of them planted. I still have to plant all the bulbs and seeds I have and to create a couple more beds in my backyard, but it was a start, and it kept my mind off of the ugly things I shouldn't let myself dwell on until I find out for sure.

Okay, now all that's left is for you guys to wish me luck and hope all I had were some swarmers that died off and didn't start any colonies in the wood of my house. I'm supposed to meet the bug guy during my lunch break. I hope I don't lose my appetite.


booda baby said...

Imagine that - so many humanitarian awards, you think they're no big deal. That daughter of yours is going to change our world.

Good for you for trying to not worry about those little bastard termites. We live in such an oldey worldey house, that in spite of a fortune spent on restoring it, the termites still came. For a few years, we used to worry on behalf of our landlord, sure that the place was crazy infested. Finally, a month ago, a termite team came - they were super duper green. And they treated the house in a day. One leetle day AND it apparently did not break the bank. So. I'm going to use big confidence that you're okay, too.

Mnmom said...

Go look at the disclosure statement from when you were buying the house. Did they disclose it had termites? If it did, and they didn't, they owe you some money deary.

ANOTHER humanitarian award? What a girl! And what a MOM who raised that girl!!

rel said...

Congrats to Coadster. It's nice to be recognized when you do good things.

Fingers crossed that the termite situation is solvable in a reasonable fashion.

NoRegrets said...

Oh dear...I hope it works out. Even if it doesn't, I wouldn't imagine you HAVE to do something immediately, though of course it would be the best thing. You could just save up to do it (I know you are on a thin budget as it is...but there's gotta be a way)
Crossing fingers and toes for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already checked into it but you may be able to have your inspector's ins pay for termite stuff. Good luck w/ it all. I'll be in IC soon and look forward to see you! I'll be in touch.
Tammy H.

Tara said...

Hoping for only swarmers, no soldiers! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

SkylersDad said...

Best wishes for no bad bugs, and congrats to Coadster!

Johnny Rojo said...

MnMom is correct: this was something that was obviously not revealed when you bought the place; laws vary by state, but in most states you can file for recompensation. if there was a condition that was not revealed at the sale. My guess is that this problem was known. You might want to talk to a lawyer.

laura b. said...

Congratulations to awesome.

I hope that your bug inspection went well and that this problem can be solved in a reasonable fashion. I'm thinking good thoughts, for what it's worth.

Churlita said...

Booda Baby, She's definitely going to try and help as many people as possible. The only thing I worry about is that she'll get a savior complex and only date guys she thinks she can help.

MnMom, We already covered this on FB today, so I won't go into it again that much. The pest guy said that they might not have been there when the inspector checked them. So, there isn't much I can do. The good thing is that it hopefully won't break me to get them taken care of.

Rel, Thanks. Recognition is a good thing.

Nor, Thanks for all the crossings. It must have worked, because I think I'll be able to afford the fix.

Tammy! Let me know when you're in town. I'd love to see you and the babe.

Tara, There were soldiers, but we should be able to take them very easily in battle.

Skyler's, Thank you for the wishes!

Johnny, We knew about the past infestation and the inspector checked for termites and didn't find any at the time. The woman who sold me the house moved to Mexico on the closing day, so she's safe.

LauraB., Thank you. I will always take good thoughts.