Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Were Right About the Stars, Each One is a Setting Sun

Coadster rubbing the belly of the pooch we were dog sitting.

So, I was going to do the big sappy birthday post tonight, but I looked over the ones from the last 4 or 5 years, and I don't know if there is much different to say this year about Coadster's past. All I can do is borrow a line from Mork and Mindy and say, "...Fly. Be Free!" She has a good head on her shoulders, she's smart, has a great outlook and looks at her life as an amazing adventure. I think she's set and ready for action. I can't wait to see what she does with her life.

I fought the saw and the saw won.

This weekend was insane...In a good way. It started out with me wrecking on my bike on my way to work. I rode on this grassy area and couldn't see the huge hole in the ground, until it was too late. The crash knocked my chain off my bike, so I got to go to work all scratched and bruised with chain grease all over my hands. I was fine, though. I hoped it wasn't going to set the tone for my weekend, and it didn't. My weekend just kept getting better and better.

I got off at noon and went running. Then I ran some errands and got gas for my lawn mower and cut my grass and the girls and I went for an early dinner. Once we got home, Coadster went out with some kids and Stinky had a couple of friends over upstairs. I decided I was in dire need of some escapism, so I watched the movie Up and love, love, loved it. Then when that was over, I watched Avatar. The writing and plot and stuff were all kind of cheesy, but it was definitely visually stunning.

What I done found in my backyard. It's the biggest morrell I've ever seen.

I mentioned last post that some guys I knew were going on a big bike ride but that I couldn't do it. Well, one of the guys riding was someone I kinda sorta dated a couple of years ago. I hadn't seen him in forever. He texted me a week before he came, to see if I needed any help around my house, so he would know what tools to bring with him. So nice. I told him that he shouldn't worry about that. He should just come down here and ride his bike and drink beer and hang out with his friends, and if it worked out, we'd try to meet at some point...But if he had a chainsaw, I'd love it if he could bring it down and I could cut up some tree branches.

E. was nice enough to bring his saw down for me. We texted a bit on Friday night after he got into town and agreed that he'd try to stop by my place in the morning before his bike ride. It was really nice to see him. He checked my place over and since he restores houses for a living, he had some great suggestions and advice. He left and called me about a half hour later to ask if I could watch his dog while he went on his ride. I was happy to. His dog is the sweetest most well-behaved pooch I've ever met. My girls were thrilled to have his dog around and were really sad when he left.

The rest of the day, I ran and worked in my backyard and planted tons more flowers. I couldn't get the saw to work, however. E. checked it later and said he got it to work but it had a bunch of issues. The good thing, is that while I was in the backyard, I found a giant morrell mushroom. How cool is that? I looked around and couldn't find any others.

The first night back in the Dublin in about 2 months.

On Saturday night, Coadster went to some grad parties and Stinky babysat for a friend of mine. I originally planned to stay home and read my book. I was feeling a little restless and my friend K. called me and invited me over to her house for a fire. Then E. called me to tell me they were finally back in town and were going to the Deadwood for a drink, but he would be home around 10 to get his dog. I told him I'd be happy to drive over and drop the dog off and if they wanted, I'd give them a ride back downtown after they had showered and changed. E. asked if I'd go out with them so he could buy me a drink for watching his dog. I decided what the hell. I hadn't been out in forever and I knew G. was out and would be happy if I met her down at the Dublin. I texted K. and she said she'd be up for going out too. It was a great night. I'm so glad I went out. I guess I really needed to blow off some steam.

Okay, this post is already way too long. Basically, I had a great weekend, my little girl is all growed up and I feel like I'm in a good place to start the work week. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it to work safely.


rel said...

It was a spectacular weekend here too! Got tons of work done. Visited with old young friends Friday night and the sun shown all weekend.
The last ime I fell off my bike I broke a couple of ribs.

Tara said...

I agree about "Avatar" - the visual effects were the most impressive.

Sorry to hear about your bike and you getting all scratched up! I'm glad it didn't ruin your weekend, though.

booda baby said...

All excited and impressed, I showed A. your morrel and he said: Oooh. Please be careful. At least be suspicious of it. (Then he gave me a big long lecture on morrels and blah blah blah) but the point is, there are false morrels and some dangers come with them. Hold on. He's sending me a link. Here:

Otherwise, what a nice, NICE weekend. It surprises me a little, how happy I'm made by reading about you collecting these treasure-moments.

laura b. said...

I'm so glad your weekend wasn't foretold by your bike mishap. Sounds like it was pretty perfect and E. sounds really nice.

Ananda girl said...

Yikes about the crash! The rest sounds fun and relaxing. Your yard is going to be beautiful.

As for the saw... Randy kindly pointed out that I was using the wrong saw to take out limbs and suggested that I use a bow saw. Great suggestion... they are manual, but work quickly and it's great for my upper arms. You might borrow one and give that a try to see if it works for you. Chain saws scare me!

Churlita said...

Rel, Ouch. I hope you recovered okay from that.

Tara, No. Not at all. I guess compared to that, everything seemed that much better.

Booda Baby, Thanks for the info. I had no idea there were imposter morrels. I gave it to some friends of mine who are avid mushroom hunters. I should send them that link just in case they weren't aware.

LauraB., E. is really, really nice. We just have that problem of location,location, location. Which means we rarely see each other.

Ananda, I used a hack saw to limb the tree originally. Now I have some really big limbs just lying in my backyard that would be great to cut up with a chainsaw. I'll figure it out and get rid of them soon.

Mnmom said...

Oh the Deadwood - that used to be my hangout of choice.

DISLIKE on the crash. Is your bike out of commission now?

Johnny Rojo said...

Glad you're okay after your bike mishap!

A couple of times, my chain has slipped off on the way to school. It's annoying to have dirty, greasy hands when I get there.

That Wilco song you quote in the title is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

that morrel is a false morrel ..its poisonous ..know your mushrooms