Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Felt the Earth Beneath My Feet

One of my favorite pics of the girls when they were younger. I like to caption it, "when there's only one pink plastic guitar".

So, originally I thought I'd finally have a night where I wouldn't have to go anywhere and I could just get a jump on the weekend cleaning. It would be so nice to have most of the big stuff cleaned by Friday, so I could spend my time this weekend on turning over soil and planting and doing some more work on the cupboards. But then remember that solo fest thing Coadster was in on Monday? The one she didn't want me to go to because she thought she'd be so horrible and she didn't want me to see her? Well, she was so bad, that she got a 1, which is the best score you can get and also got picked to sing in the honors recital tonight.

I was a little bummed that I wouldn't get anything done tonight, but I knew it was important to her that I saw her sing. She performed a Brahms piece called, "Die Mainacht". I've seen her sing solos that were pop music-y or jazzy, but I had never heard her sing a classical piece before. JAYSUS! She blew me away. She walked out on the stage all willowy and poised and self-possessed and sang that song in perfect pitch and tone and in German. (she's never even had a voice lesson because I could never afford them) It was one of those moments where as a parent you think, "Wow. How the hell did I create that? How, in spite of me, did she become that amazing?" It's almost enough to make a grown woman cry...Or at least tear up a little, in a VERY dignified way, of course.

Now, it's the weekend again. My house needs a lot of work, and I could care less. Every once in a while I need to check-ity check my priorities and tonight, I was shown for the 5,000th time what was really important...Always, my girls. So, it looks like I'll be doing some cleaning early in the evening on Friday, then I plan to eat pizza and drink a beer and finally watch Avatar, all to the background of thunderstorms outside my window. It sounds like heaven. Coadster has a high school film festival to go to and I have no idea what Stinky's doing. Her plans seem to change on the hour.

I thought Project Green was Saturday morning, but I guess it's the following week. The farmer's market opens, so I'll probably go down there and check out what they have and stop by the comic book store downtown. It's free comic book day, so I want to go get my share. Later in the day, I'll probably stop by my friends' morrell mushroom hunting party and bonfire. I won't stay long though, because I have so much to do and Stinky gets off work around 7'ish. There are some people in town who want me to go out on Saturday night, but right now that's looking pretty iffy. I'm still on my "staying out of bars" kick. I'm trying to get my socializing in at readings, or races or at mushroom hunting parties for now.

So, now it's your turn. Will you be watching movies during thunderstorms or tromping through the muck looking for fungus?


Mnmom said...

We have similar singing daughters. I'm a singer too so I know where she gets it, but it does make me tear up to listen.

Where IS the IC farmer's market now? When I was there it was in the parking lot next to the library, which I'm sure is under a building by now.

Your Friday night plans sound great! We have a busy Saturday that's ending with me working another middle school dance. It's my version of giving plasma.

rel said...

It makes your heart burst with joy when you watch your kids succeed at things they're into!

I looked for the mushrooms last weekend but nothing, maybe this wknd.
No plans beond dinner out fri eve and some kind of garden/yard work.

Pamela said...

So wonderful that your daughter is so talented! Yay! And that you are a great mom.
Can I whine that it's supposed to be beautiful but I have to work. PIMFA.

Ananda girl said...

Your daughters are amazing. I have a niece who sings opera... and yes, like Mnmom, I can't help but get teary. You have every reason to be proud of your girls.

Your weekend sounds great. You know where I will be... in my sanctuary. This weekend we are working in the house... blending his and mine to make it OUR home. I could not be any happier. I'm sure there will be a video or two and drinks on the patio... a good life.

SkylersDad said...

That picture is great! I really wish you could sneak a video of the Coadster singing onto this little web log sometime... ;^)

Tara said...

It's because of you and Coadster's own individuality how she became so amazing! That's wonderful, congrats to Coadster for her terrible 1 rating! ;)

I would love to hear a thunderstorm this weekend while I'm home. Sometimes the weather lies. But I am definitely planning on relaxing this weekend. That's usually my plan. :)

Tonight I think I'll order tamales from the nearby Mexican restaurant, though.

Johnny Rojo said...

The house can wait-- as my father told me a long time ago, when my son was a baby, always remember that you've only got them for a small part of their lives.

There really is nothing like seeing your kids do well, is there?

laura b. said...

Oh, I would love to hear Coadster sing! I know she is amazing.

I don't really like to eat them, but hunting mushrooms sounds fun.

DR and I are trying to think of something fun to do tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be beautiful...but so far, it is all theoretical :-)

booda baby said...

What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL picture you painted for me. I was there, watching her 'all willowy and poised and self possessed.' Very very very nice.

As is a morrell mushroom hunting party and bon fire. I'm sure I told you about our morrell mushroom goldmine (I don't think A's told anyone its whereabouts, even now) - it's great, yes, it is, to have nearly a meadow of the things, but the hunt. The HUNT is the fun part (especially after you've been morrelled to death).