Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Put Faith In Our Concerns

My girls right before prom. Their dresses were very representative of them.

Oh, kids. I'm here to tell ya. You definitely want to listen to your body. Because if it's, oh, say telling you that it's tired and you don't listen to the hints it gives you, it will stop being so subtle. For instance, my body gave me a 4 day migraine. I tried to ignore it, by taking migraine meds and still doing too much when the meds started working. Then my body decided it was going to stop reacting positively to the meds to get me to slow down and then my body grabbed the hot end of a curling iron and burned the crap out of my hand right before prom pictures, so that I wouldn't be able to pick up a tool or ride my bike for a couple of days. So, yeah. I guess I'll be finding things I can cut from my busy life, so it doesn't do anything worse, like giving me Stigmata or something.

Stinky and her date. I really liked both the girls' prom dates.

Friday was pretty mellow. I had that migraine, so I took a nap the minute I got home from work on my half day. I ran when I woke up, but realized during my run that I needed to take a break. I had run around 50 miles in 7 days, and even I can see how ridiculous that is. I decided to take the rest of the weekend off of running, but I was going to try to go on a long bike ride on Sunday.

Friday night the girls both went out with some friends and I stayed home and watched the most recent James Bond movie. It was pretty standard fare. But sometimes you just want to watch pretty people race boats and cars and planes and see a lot of shit blow-up in exotic locales. You know?

Stinky trying hard to pin on the boutonniere. She finally gave up and let her sister do it.

Saturday was insane. There was just a lot of running around and getting things at the last minute and running to the mall because Coadster never got any shoes for her dress. Wow. She really is my daughter. I never think about the shoes either. I dropped Coadster off at her hair appointment at 2 and Stinky and I went to Menards to get an axe. I have all this wood to cut up from the tree I trimmed and I can't afford a chain saw. So, I got some of the bigger branches cut up, before the prom primping began in earnest.

Coadster's date's mom is a hairstylist and did Coadster's hair for free...Including a touch-up during the pics. Awesome!

I tried to help the girls get ready for the prom until I burnt the hell out of my hand. Then we went to Stinky's friend's house for her groups pictures. I took plenty of photos and then Coadster and I had to run to the other side of town for her groups pics. By 7 or so, my job was finally done and I left the girls to their evening.

Coadster pinning on her date's boutonniere.

G. wanted me to go out with her, but as I've said, I'm taking a little break from socializing lately. It's not like I'll never go out again, but it can sometimes just get too much. My friends all point out that I need to speak to adults, and they're right, but I can get so overwhelmed by socializing out at bars, so I don't think a break will hurt me. I'm very fond of people coming to my house and sitting by the fire instead. Anyway, I stayed in and G. gave me the play by play of the evening the next day, all from a safe distance. I did finally finish reading Marilynne Robinson's Home and started Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart.

Coadster getting her corsage. It was so pretty and so different. Perfect for her.

Today I woke up to another migraine or the same one. Whatever. The girls got in bed with me and told me all about their nights. Then I took some more meds and took a nap. The meds started working again, and I was smart this time and still took it easy. I got groceries and ran a few errands, but I didn't ride my bike or do yard work. So, I'll be working on slowing things down for the next couple of weeks and see how that goes.

Me and Coads. She looks so sleek and I look so...Not sleek in my Meat Puppets t-shirt.


rel said...

Your girls look so grown up! I'm glad you've decided to listen to your body, and slow down a touch.
Those apple blossums were just the perect backgrounf for the photos.

Tara said...

Those are cute prom photos! Looks like the weather behaved, too!

Was that "Quantum Solace" you saw? I wasn't as crazy about that one as I was with "Casino Royale" - probably because "Casino Royale" was the first movie with the new Bond....(sigh....dreamy)

Tera said...

Oh Churlita, the girls look awesome...great photos!!! And girl, I could have told you that! I work 3 jobs and do tons of running for the boys. I wouldn't sit down, so my body made me...and I was in the hospital for about a week!

booda baby said...

The girls were beautiful. It's really a joy to see people so happy! (Must have been so hard for you with such a long headache and yet, look at you!!)

Except for that headache, it sounds like a good, good weekend. I don't want anyone to do ANYthing my way, but balancing and doing things I truly love wins out every time.

SkylersDad said...

The girls look great and so do you! Let yourself have the time you need to relax.

laura b. said...

Beautiful prom pictures. I love how different the girls are in their fashion choices...yet they are still so clearly sisters. No avoiding that :-)
Sorry about your migraine and the big burn. Don't back your body into a corner, apparently!

MrManuel said...

50 miles in 7 days?!?! Slow down girl!

The girls look pretty. Good job mom!

Churlita said...

Rel, It's so nice that all the trees are flowering just in time for prom pics.

Tara, It was Quantum" I agree with you. I didn't think it was as good as Casino Royale, but Daniel Craig was in both, so I wasn't complaining either.

Tera, I'm so sorry> I'm trying really hard to slow it down.

Booda Baby, You are so right. I'm working on that whole balancing thing right now.

Skyler's, I'm working hard on that.

LauraB., both my girls are such opposites in style. I love to see the juxtaposition.

Mr., thanks. I'm taking your advice and trying really hard to slow down this week.