Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rattle of Bones, Dreams That Stick Out, a Medical Chart on the Wall

Hey, look what revealed itself. The plant I thought was a peony, was really a bleeding heart. How perfect for me. Ha!

I really went through the wringer today. I had a dermatology appointment in the morning to check out that weird spot on my lip. They asked me if I wanted them to do a full body check for skin cancer, and I figured they probably should since I was there anyway. I am Irish after all and we were not meant to grow up in Arizona, like I did. Of course, when the doctor came in looking like a younger hotter Peter Gallagher, I thought I might take it back. I'm pretty sure I was blushing throughout the whole exam. The good news is that I didn't die from embarrassment AND I don't have any signs of skin cancer. He said the thing on my lip was pretty common in outdoorsy people like myself and he gave me a list of lipbalmy/sunscreeny products.

Then I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I scheduled the appointment 6 months ago. My last appointment was actually the day I got approved for my home loan. Doesn't that seem more like 6 years ago, than 6 months? Anyway, once I realized I had both appointments on the same day, I figured I should just leave it and get it all over with.

I gave plasma after the dentist, but wisely decided not to run today. Even I know when to take a break...Well, sometimes, anyway.

Another angle.

So, now it's the weekend and I got all my body maintenance issues out of the way. How do I plan to spend it? I'm not sure, exactly. I have so much to do, I'm having some trouble trying to prioritizing it all.

Most of my girly type friends will be in the Quad Cities at the State Pool tournament. Right now, I think I'll run after work, and then I'll probably have a fire in the pit in my backyard. I'm pretty sure I'll open the bottle of Pinot Grigio at some point in the evening too. If anyone stops by great, and if not, that's great too. I'll be happy either way.

Saturday will be my day to try to get stuff done. I want to take care of some yard work, do some kitchen work and do some car cleaning and maintenance. If I don't have any more tempting offers, I might drink some more wine either in front of fire or in front of a movie or both.

I'll try to get as much done as I can on Sunday before Coadster's cathedral concert at St Mary's in the afternoon. And that should be more than enough for one weekend.

How about you all? Will you be drinking wine in front of a fire or doing some much needed maintenance this weekend?


rel said...

For sure there'll be wine to be drunk and maintenance chores to do. Mostly, I'll be mulling over a job offer; permanent part-time at a very good salary.
I'm glad you decided not to run after donating your plasma!

NoRegrets said...

I really so love bleeding hearts. I love a lot of shade plants. Lily of the valley... You should plant some of those. I have no idea what I'll be able to grown in SF... Hopefully nice things.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I have three bottles of wine to drink.. but I'm saving that for a special night out.. I think it's going to rain.. so no yardwork this weekend.. The only running I will do is chasing

Have a great weekend!
I love Bleeding Hearts.. I have mine almost bloomed..

Tara said...

If you had gone on a run after the full body scan, the dentist appointment and the plasma donation, I would've questioned your sanity. ;) But actually, good news from the attractive dermatologist would've energized me too.

Enjoy your Pinot Grigio and the fire pit!

booda baby said...

The fire pit sounds too great to budge from. If I lived in Iowa City, I'd start offering myself for house-sitting while you went to any parties or stuff I'd scheduled. I exhausted myself there, so it'd be a really good trade (assuming you liked any of the events I signed up for. I do not know how you couldn't. :))

I hope no matter what you're doing with that oh-so-healthy body of yours that you're doing it in true spring weather. I got a call from Chicago yesterday; it snowed there. Snowed. Isck.

(Oh. Maybe you can pick up 'Born to Run' at the library and read it AT the firepit. Yah, that sounds right.)

Johnny Yen said...

A little of everything. Have to work tonight-- will probably try to slip in a nap and another round of hitting the books. My semester is ending in just 4 weeks, and we've got that huge test!

Glad there were no problems with the skin. My doc wants me to see a dermatologist-- even though I grew up in Chicago, I spent a lot of my summers burning my Irish/German skin.

laura b. said...

Hope you ended up with a great weekend. Somehow I feel sure you did.