Monday, April 19, 2010

But I Thought, This Wouldn't Hurt a Lot. Guess Not.

Some lilacs that are just about to open.

Well, kids. I think I FINALLY shook my stupid migraine at about 10:00 today. I thought I was going to cry every time I hit a bump while riding my bike to work this morning. I feel so much better now that I can function. Weird, that.

I was good, though. I did give plasma after work and that went well too. I got one of the good workers and no hematomas this time. I didn't run afterward, even though I really, really wanted to. Actually, I didn't really do much tonight. I just tried to make myself rest.

Here are lots and lots of lilacs that are starting to open up smell amazingly good.

Tomorrow I get to go running again after work. I'm also planning on either doing a little yard work or kitchen cabinet work (No, I haven't finished that project yet) but I promise to just do a little bit of either and not burn myself out. I swear, I'll learn to practice restraint if it kills me.


rel said...

I love the smell of lilacs.
You guys must be a week to ten days ahead of us; our lilacs are just starting to bud.

dmarks said...

No where near that where I am.

Tara said...

Those lilacs are beautiful!

I had choir practice last night, and the entire street where the church is located on smelled of fresh blossoms. I love Spring.

NoRegrets said...

Are those your lilacs? I looovvee lilacs.

I started on painting window sills. First step was cleaning. Now I must caulk. THEN I can paint. Ugh.

booda baby said...

Lilacs!! They're beautiful. In your yard?! I'd like them more if they lasted longer. Daffodils, too. I missed lilacs, until I discovered we have wisteria. Wheee!

laura b. said...

Mmmmm....lilacs. Glad to hear you are learning restraint, at your body's very strict insistance! You're such a go-getter :-)

Churlita said...

Rel, It got really warm here for a couple of weeks and everything is blooming early.

DMarks, Hopefully, we'll get to see your pictures of flowers in a couple of weeks.

Tara, It's overwhelming sometimes isn't it?

Nor, They are my lilacs. I have even more in my backyard too. I love them.

Booda Baby, Wisteria is great too. Too bad we can't mix and match.

LauraB., It's kind of pathetic on my part to have to keep relearning this lesson of restraint.