Thursday, April 01, 2010

And the Heat Wave's Calling Your Name

Okay. No one had any ideas about yesterday's plant. So, here's the same plant a few days after it was uncovered. Now does anyone have any ideas? I was kind of thinking Peony. I suppose I'll just have to go to the web.

Today was incredible. I spent most of the day being grateful for how amazing my life is right now. Sure, I don't have everything I want. It'd be wonderful to have more time and money and the right guy to share it all with, but I've never expected to get half of what I have now, let alone everything I want.

If you haven't already guessed, I was allowed to take a half day off today. I rode my bike home and ran my 6 mile route. It felt so amazing. Sometimes when the weather is warm and windy and the perfect songs appear on my iPod, and my endorphins kick in, I get overwhelmed with the awesomeness of it all. Luckily, that feeling lasted long after I got done running.

Here's some laundry hanging on my line. My clothes smell amazing now.

I took Stinky to her first real day at work. It was nice enough to walk, but I had to get some things at the store anyway, and I wanted to make it at least a little special for her. She said it went well. She bags groceries right now. Two of her friends made a big point to get in her line, each buy one pack of gum, make her put it in separate bags and then tipped her a dime. Hilarious. She works again on Saturday from 1-7, so I'm sure she'll master the fine art of bagging groceries by the end of that shift.

After I dropped Stinky off at work, I started in on the raking. Remember how I said I'd need a week to rake it all? Well, I lied. I think it will be closer to a month. It really hasn't been raked for years and even after doing the side yard, the leaves were at least knee deep. I'm going to check with the city to see the cheapest way to dispose of the yard waste. At first I thought I could use some of the leaves for mulch and compost the rest, but I'd have to have a compost pile the size of my whole backyard. I finished putting the screens on, left for an hour to donate plasma, came home and grilled brats for dinner and then when Stinky got off work at 7:30, we went to the mall to get her prom dress. It's really pretty. I'll show some pics of it in a bit.

So, yeah. It's also the weekend. They say the weather might hold out until Friday night. If it does, I plan on running and then coming home and staying in for the night. I'm actually looking forward to a nice relaxing evening of thunderstorms outside and me inside getting all cozy on the couch with my girls and watching movies and drinking a beer or two,

Saturday it's supposed to keep raining. Since the girls are working, we can't make it down to the big O to see my family for Easter. Instead, I'll try to get cracking on the indoor house stuff. I'll probably go out for a celebratory Easter beer with G. on Saturday night. The next weekend most of my friends will be gone for the state pool tournament. I thought I'd try to make it, but it's looking less and less likely now. Then I'll start doing some races after that, so my going out nights will be fewer and further between. I figure I might as well make the most of this Saturday while I can.


rel said...

Happy Easter smiling girl! :)

SkylersDad said...

Have a wonderful weekend and don't ork so hard!

laura b. said...

Mmmmm, there is nothing like clothes hung on the line.

Have a great weekend. Happy Easter!!!

NoRegrets said...

Very jealous of your laundry line...

booda baby said...

Isn't it strange, how great line-dried clothes are? Without any sheets of clothes softener? Biggest pain in the ass to hang them, but worth every clothes pin.

I don't know, Churlita. You make a good point (even if it's not the point you were really making.) You DO have everything.

And a daughter working, besides. The Churlita family empire begins!

Tera said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! Oh, I will be so happy when I am in a house and can have those spring fresh clothes off the line!!! Happy Easter Churlita :-)

Tara said...

I was thinking mystery flower, but maybe peony is the best guess? :)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was actually too hot in my apartment this afternoon. I had to wake up the air conditioner for the season. I'm not complaining, though, I loved the wonderful weather!

dmarks said...

Where else can you find "smell amazing" in one sentence and "Stinky" in the next, aside from this blog?

Yes that plant does look peony-ish. And don't ork too hard. Nanoo, nanoo.

Pamela said...

is it a shade plant?