Monday, April 05, 2010

Life Ain't Always What It Seems, Oh Yeah

Here are some of last season's ferns against this Spring's...What are those? Daffodil plants?

I thought I'd try to maintain everything this week by spending as much time as possible cleaning and getting paperwork done every night. Sounds good, right? Sure. Until you get bludgeoned by bureaucratic bullshit, that is.

Remember how I paid H and R Block $89 to amend my old tax refund, so I could make sure I had the right paperwork and get my first time home buyer credit as soon as possible? Well, it got sent back saying I was missing the correct form. I was a little ticked off at H and R Block for not knowing which form to use. I called and asked them to rectify it and they told me to bring it all back in. I did that today after work. Turns out, we did send the correct form and we sent them everything they originally asked for, it's just that the IRS updated said form and then asked for even more proof of my new address. They wanted a current driver's license with my new address on it and then some bills sent to me with it as well. Luckily, my driver's license cracked in half about a month after I bought my house and it just happened to be updated. They wanted bank statements and paycheck stubs. Of course, that's all taken care of on-line now, because I was trying to be all environmentally conscious and save tress and all that good shit. So, neither of them show my address on them when I print them off. Bugger! We did everything we could do at H and R Block and the woman who was helping me told me to just find some bills with my current address on them, make copies and send them off with the new, updated form.

Jaysus! But they make a girl jump through some ridiculous hoops to get money that was promised. I do understand that there are scammers out there who are probably trying to cheat the government, so they don't want to make it too easy. I just wish they'd give me a lie detector test or something, instead of making me do all this stupid busy work. It really is one of my most hated things to do.

So, yeah. Anyway. I got most of that crap out of the way until they send it back again and ask for a signature in blood or whatever the hell else they think they need. I also cleaned the kitchen, paid some more bills, ordered tickets to see Coadster in the school play, and who knows...Maybe I'll get all crazy and fill out the census info tonight before I go to bed too.


rel said...

Dealing with the beaurocracy is frustrating to say the least. Sometimes I think the plan is to get as many people as possible to give up so that they can go home early. :)

NoRegrets said...

I have no patience for such shit. It's nice that you had H&R helping you out.
Yes they are daffodils.

Tara said...

Gawd I hate that kind of crap. Just when you think maybe, possibly, hopefully something can be a simple thing, it turns out to be the opposite and a real pain in the butt.

booda baby said...

No wonder we start getting a whole lot more cranky with our government as we get older. In spite of doing everything we should be doing, they keep inventing more convoluted ways to suck up our time and mind resources. THIS is not right (and I think H&R should consider refunding you a good portion of their fee for all the work YOU had to do.)

Mnmom said...

I hate paperwork.

I don't think those are daffodils. I know what they are but the name won't escape my addled brain. Your daffodils should be about done blooming down there. Ours are in bloom and we're 2-3 weeks behind you.

Sissy said...

The census form is so darn easy to fill out. It takes about 5 minutes or less! Just do it and get it over with. One less thing!!


Churlita said...

Rel, I know. It's so disheartening when you do everything they ask you, and then they switch the rules on you. I think they're just hoping people will give up and they won't have to pay up.

Nor, I just wanted to make sure it got done right the first time, but I guess it doesn't matter.

Tara, That's EXACTLY it.

Booda BAby, The woman who helped me was so nice and did commiserate. She can;t really help it if the IRS changes all the rules on both of us.

Mn Mom, Ours are still blooming like crazy. All of my backyard were covered in leaves until 2 weeks ago when I discovered their predicament and tried to free them. So, I don't know if any of the Spring flowers will bloom this year.

Sissy, I know. The tax stuff that + money, just seems a little imperative right now. We're still trying to figure out Coadster's taxes too. Sigh.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I'm not sure which is harder.. jumping through hoops or being audited.. Jumping through hoops is a real pain in the ass.. but so is the latter.. Hope it all works out in the end and you get what ws promised! I think those are either Daffodils, or tulips, or maybe Iris's..

laura b. said...

I thought I commented here! Bah. Sorry.
I'm glad you are pushing forward through all the obstacles. Please commit to drawing the line when they ask for your first born.