Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Civil Servants are Just Like My Loved Ones

I set-up the fire viewing area after my run on Friday.

Oh, kids. If there was any way I could obtain more time and money I would. I love my life, I really do, but it would be that much better, if only I could get everything done and time and money would go a long way in getting me where I want...I'm sure you all might be able to join me in the chorus of this one too.

My weekend was really good. Friday night I told a couple of my girly friends that I was going to have a fire in my backyard, and that Stinky and I were going to be hanging out. If they wanted to show up, great. If not, it was no big deal either. K. and S. both said they'd show. Then that afternoon another friend of mine emailed some of us to see if we wanted to go to her house for a beer after her son went to bed. She never gets out for a number of tragic reasons, and I remember those days of not really wanting to or being able to go out to bars, but still needing to hang out with my fun friends for a few hours. So, I started working on changing things around, so we could make it over there for a bit. Before I could finalize anything, she wrote back and said not to change my plans, she wasn't going to be able to have people over very late anyway, and she'd just plan it for another weekend. I felt bad because as you all know, I rarely do anything on a Friday night, and it was just a fluke that I made plans. Anyway, I did have a couple of my friends come over and it was very nice. The fire was great, we had some of the best wine I've ever had, and Stinky showed us all how to roast the best marshmallows for our s'mores. K's boyfriend came over for a bit later, and then I kicked everyone out so I could get to bed at a decent hour.

K. got the marshmallow roasting started. God bless her.

Saturday was insanely busy. I took Stinky to work at 8. Then I went home and made a list of all the crap I needed to do. Most of Saturday was me running errands. One of my co-workers let me borrow her truck for the day, so I could get a bunch of black dirt to regrade my backyard to try to keep water from seeping into my crawlspace anymore.

I ran my six mile route and then raked some more leaves in the afternoon. I decided not to go out that night and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Sure, it's nice to talk to my friends on Saturday nights, but it also takes a chunk of time out of my weekend, and right now, I don't really have it. So, Stinky went out with some of her friends, and I camped out on the couch and watched the first few episodes of The Pacific. It wasn't as good as Band of Brothers, but it's better than a lot of things I could have watched. I'll definitely finish watching the miniseries.

S. mixing and matching her s'mores with her pinot. Two great tastes that go great together.

Apparently, I was more tired than I thought this weekend. I was going to try to read before I fell asleep on Saturday night, but then I stopped to rest my eyes and when I woke up, it was 11 hours later. Wooops! I can't tell you when the last time I slept that many hours in a row. I guess I needed it.

The weather was amazing all weekend, and so I ran a little longer route today, to make the best use of it. I haven't had a chance to go on a long bike ride yet, but Stinky said she'd be up for a 20 mile ride with me as soon as we both have a day off to do that. I'm excited. She'd probably be up for kayaking with me too. A lot of people said they want to, but I haven't been able to get anyone to commit to a day yet. I figure, if nothing else, at least Stinky would be into it. Isn't that why we have kids in the first place? To always have someone to do stuff with us?

Stinky showing us the best way to get our marshmallows perfectly golden. Apparently, there is a technique and an art to it.

Coadster had her cathedral concert at St Mary's church. It was hard to go inside on such a beautiful afternoon, but the concert is really gorgeous and nice and it only takes an hour, so that works too.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

We have a fire pit thingy.. but we have to be careful about it.. as there is a law preventing us from using as said firepit.. so we used it for roasting corn and potatos.. now it's sitting rusting and not getting utilized.. .. The pics are great.. Glad you had a good weekend and plenty of sleep..

Tara said...

I know that money isn't everything, but it is certainlyk something....And very nice to have around.

We've been having such awesome weather lately, that it's inspiring me to invite my family over for a barbecue. There are some set up by the lake.

Pamela said...

Have you seen Hurt Locker? Definitely not a movie to see later at night given its adrenaline-producing footage.

If only you could give plasma every day! (erg...yuck)

Pamela said...
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laura b. said...

I hear you...time and money. Its hard out here for a pimp :-)

Your weekend sounds wonderful! Nothing like s'mores and wine to make an evening. And hearing that you got 11 hours of sleep in one fell swoop is heartening. You must have needed it.

Mnmom said...

Our firepit went in this weekend too, but too late on Saturday to use it!

I loved Band of Brothers - great story. At Christmas watch Joyeaux Noel, about WW I.

rel said...

It was agreat weekend. Actually got alot done.
No fire pit yet though. Now I want smores!

booda baby said...

Oh my gosh, that read like wonderFUL! (And wheee, you didn't exhaust me!!) I really do think I did way, WAY too much of the go, go, GO out stuff and didn't give myself enough sitting around MY fire.

I am really glad you got all the good friendship AND the sweet time at home.

Churlita said...

Mrs., I'm sure if the cops stopped by, I'd have to put the grate over the fire pit to appease them, but as long as we're not too loud, the cops have better things to do, like bust underage college students for drinking.

Tara, Exactly. Money would relieve a lot of stress for me, but there are a lot worse things than being poor.

Pamela, I loved the Hurt Locker, but it did make me tense when I watched it.

LauraB., It was a nice weekend. The wine and s'mores combo was wonderful.

MnMom, hopefully you'll get a fire in this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.

Rel, good for you for getting stuff done. Make next weekend your s'mores weekend.

Booda Baby, Oh good. I'm glad I didn't exhaust you. I highly recommend sitting by a fire if you can work it in sometime this weekend.