Monday, April 12, 2010

After a Storm, There Must be a Calm

Stinky roasting her marshmallow perfectly...According to her.

So, remember how yesterday I said I was overwhelmed and needed more time and money? Well, there isn't much I can do about the money I don't have, but I did do something about the time issue. That's right. I started asking for my Summer vacation time off of work. I won't be able to take it for a while, but just knowing it's coming helps me.

I'm going to take my last half furlough day off this Friday. Since it's the only time my girls will be going to the same prom...That is unless Coadster comes back from college and starts trolling for high school boys (when I made this funny joke to Coadster, she rolled her eyes so hard she almost had a seizure). Anyway, I figured I'd need an extra half day to calm down while my girls are in school on Friday to make up for whatever it will take to get both my girls to the prom.

I'm also taking 3 half days on the last three Fridays in May. That will be something nice to look forward to. Once I get to June, I should be able to calm down a bit, it's just the next couple of months that have me a little worried. I've been stressing really hard about everything I want to get done before Coadster's graduation party on Memorial Day weekend. I talked to some of my friends about it and they told me to just calm down and chill out. They said my house looks fine the way it is, so I should consider whatever else I get done before the party a bonus and let it go. Nothing like good friends to help put things in perspective. Of course, I'll still try to get as much done as possible, I'll just try to lessen my self-imposed stress and call it "good enough".

Once June comes along, I'll start taking at least a week off a month through August. Have I mentioned how much I love Summer?


Tara said...

Once any of my vacation days are granted, I almost feel like I'm already on vacation. I love the feeling.

I'm excited for your days off! I have some days to use up this Summer, maybe I can pester a few of my brothers in Arizona this year. Or maybe a staycation (without any illnesses or fires) that involves cookouts and family gatherings outside.

MrManuel said...

Sweet! Requested days off always give me something to look forward to!

rel said...

Goals and days off are a great combinaton.
Make time for chillin' while on the goal path.

Pamela said...

I agree. People will be enjoying the party and will look at your house, but it won't be the MAIN attraction.

SkylersDad said...

Don't worry about appearances of the house or any of that stuff. Your friends love you for who you are, and are coming to share in your joy.

laura b. said...

What an exciting time, planning a graduation party! Next year, I have two...middle and high school :-)

It is so great to have vacation days to anticipate. It gives your mind something to ponder during stressful times.

Churlita said...

Tara, It definitely helps. Those both sound like wonderful ideas.

MrMAnuel, And they're exactly what I need right now.

Rel, Great advice. I'm going to try really hard.

Pamela, You're right. I'll just feel better the more I have done.

Skyler's, It's true. My daughter seems to have invited everyone in the free world, but I guess I don't really care what a bunch of strangers think either.

LauraB., Two is a lot. Good luck with those!