Sunday, April 25, 2010

If I Didn't Know the Difference, Living Alone Would Probably Be Okay

Coadster is the whirling dervish to the left of the pic. The USB port in my computer is all wonky, so I can only post pics that I took from my phone and emailed to myself.

So, this weekend was really...Nice. No, I'm saying that like it's a good thing. It rained a lot, but that also meant I rested more than I normally would have.

Friday night I came home and slowly cleaned my kitchen and my fridge and then watched the movie Body of Lies. It wasn't anything all that amazing, but there was plenty of stuff that blew up, so that was fine. I also had a beer. I don't think I've had a beer in over a month. It was mighty tasty.

The Munchkins and Glenda the good Witch in the merry old land of Oz.

Saturday was kind of a weird day for me. Both my girls were gone, so I had the place to myself. I repotted my tomatoes into larger receptacles and then went on some deliveries. Most people were gone, so I became the plant fairy and left tomato and basil plants on porches. Luckily, the Halls were home and I got to chat with them for a while. I hadn't seen Bob forever, so he took the opportunity to make fun of me for being White trash and living in Ottumwa. Who can blame him? I got to dig up some dirt in my raised beds. My neighbor showed up looking for lilacs. I had told her on Wednesday, she was welcome to as many as she could carry. She kept me company for a while while I toiled in the soil. But then I had to get ready for Coadster's play.

The play was very fun but very long. I couldn't believe how many little kids there were out and about until after 10. They all seemed to be really into it and well-behaved. Coadster was great in her very small role. After the play, I got home and watched the latest episode of The Pacific, while the boy who likes Stinky came over for a little bit. He was very nice and well-behaved and so I totally approve.

The flying monkeys and the Wicked Witch all really flew...Or at least were pulled around by wires.

I got up early on Sunday morning to do the River Run. However, it was 49 degrees and raining. So, my plan of riding my bike there wasn't going to work. I ended up wussing-out and didn't run it. I know. I suck. But whatever, I'll just have to plan more races in the Summer, because I can deal with the rain, I just can't deal with COLD and rainy.


rel said...

I agree, running for fun doesn't include cold and rainy.

Tara said...

I was able to relax and watch some movies too, this weekend. And then watch a pretty good thunder storm on Sunday.

Pamela said...

Why is Nice bad?

laura b. said...

I like the thought of a generous plant fairy going around leaving her potted gifts :-)

I bet it was great seeing Coadster perform. What is that saying? There are no small parts, only small actors. I guess that would be really true in a production of The Wizard of Oz....

Ananda girl said...

It sounds like a nice weekend to me. Mine was also fairly calm and quiet, which was enjoyed to the nth.

That's quite a production! Looks like a lot of fun. I bet she had a ball doing it. I ran the arc spot and the gel spots in school, so was an unseen thesbian. We had a ball.

laura b.-- hahahahahaha

Churlita said...

REl, Thank you. Some might say I'm a wuss and they would probably be right.

Tara, Sounds great. I love relaxing and thunder storms.

Pamela, You know...People say nice when things aren't that exciting. So, I was kind of making fun of that.

LauraB., Definitely with all those Munchkins. ha ha.

Ananda, Calm and quiet weekends are the best.