Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Personality Crisis, You Got It While It Was Hot

Coadster's corsage. I'm pretty sure it was the only one like it at prom.

I'm still working on the calming and slowing down process. I gave plasma today after work. They just cut their payments down by $10/week, so there have been less and less people donating. The plasma place downtown pays $30/week more, so I have a feeling most people are going there instead. I would, even though it takes twice as long there, but they close at 6 and I'd have to take vacation time every time I donated and it's not really worth it to me. Anyway, I actually had a point here this time, and it was that since there are fewer people donating, I get in and out in about 30-40 minutes. Not bad.

I did decide to run today, but just my 4 mile route and even though I was a little tired and dehydrated, it still felt really good. My original plan this evening was to transfer my tomato seedlings into bigger pots and bring some over to my friend K.'s boyfriend's house and hang out at his BBQ for a bit. Just as I was ending my run, I realized that I knew the two women who were walking by my house. It was the wife of the guy who owns the Dublin and her sister. We chatted for a little while and another Dublin guy who lives around the corner from me, came by with his two dogs and as we were all talking, another neighbor/Dubliner drove by and honked. Good lord, but this is a small town.The women invited me over to drink wine with them, but I was suddenly feeling that I had overextended myself again, and I haven't had any alcohol in a couple of weeks and I probably would have passed-out after one sip with my fluids so depleted, so I had to say, thanks anyway.

I walked into my childless house, and quickly realized I wasn't going anywhere. I did that thing that people have been suggesting, and listened to my body. What a great idea. I read on the couch in total silence and it was ever so nice. I'll have to remember that next time I feel like I want to do too much.


Ananda girl said...

Wise choice! Glad you made it. I love that flower... gerba daisies are a big favorite of mine. Perfect for an individual comfortable with herself, as I am sure your beautiful girl is!

rel said...

I got back from my walk/run at 5 pm and put dinner in the microwave, laid down on the couch to read and woke up at 7 pm. :)

Tara said...

I'm glad you listened to your body and gave it some time to chill!

And that corsage is beautiful. Red is such a great color.

NoRegrets said...

Ah yes, listening to yourself. A good thing.

laura b. said...

It seems like you have all the best elements of a bigger city and a small town right there. That's excellent.

Brando said...

Perhaps a soundtrack for your quiet time?

Churlita said...

Ananda, I love them too. I thought that was a great choice for a corsage.

Rel, Ha ha. I've had those nights before and they're kind of nice. I always figure I need the rest.

Tara, Me too. That red is pretty dramatic, but went well with Coadster's dress.

Nor, I know...And so not like me.

LauraB., I think most college towns are good that way. They combine a lot of good elements.

Brando, After the last time, I was a little hesitant to click that link. Depeche Mode I can easily deal with. Thanks...It's not like it was scary like Rush or anything...Just kidding.