Thursday, July 09, 2009

Makes You Think All the World's a Sunny Day, Oh yeah

Here is Coadster at the car show a few weeks ago.

So, kids. I think I'm finally nearing the end of my cold. I can almost breathe out of my nose again. I think I might even try to run tomorrow. I can't wait. I feel like an invalid. All my muscles are mushy from taking a few days off.

I don't have a lot to write tonight. Lucky you. Coadster has her first round of senior pictures tomorrow. If it doesn't rain, they'll probably do the outside shots then. She's got all of her outfits picked out and everything. Now, all I have to do is finally locate my imaginary trust fund in order to pay for it all.

Tonight will also be the first night in a while that I've gone to bed without the aid of cold medicine. I won't miss the horrible grogginess in the morning, but I will miss the bizarre and vivid dreams I've had. Damn it.

Okay, I tried to form sentences, and I failed. Now, I need to try to go to sleep. Let's hope I succeed with that.


Ananda girl said...

Sweet dreams! Hope you wake clear and ready for take off.

Remiman said...

Oh yeah, Nyquill dreams; bizzaro!

em for mighty said...

when you find your imaginary trust fund will you check nearby to see if there's any notification from my talent scout regarding my being discovered?

Tara said...

Senior photos taken outside sounds kind of fun! I hope you have beautiful weather!

dmarks said...

"Give me those nice bright colors"

Great photo. I like going to car shows.

laura b. said...

Ah, love the imaginary trust fund or inheritance. I just know it is going to appear to me one day.
Hope you got a good, if less vivid, night's sleep.

Pamela said...

I read.
I saw.
I hopeyou feel better.

crazy4coens said...

how was sleeping without the meds? it's hard for me to get back to real life after a few nights of nyquill. hopefully for you everything is back to working order.

Anonymous said...

I don't take cold medicine. I let my colds pass naturally and am usually miserable until they do.