Friday, July 10, 2009

For I Toss and Turn, I Can't Sleep at Night

Here are some red lilies.

Oh, kids. I'm sorry my blog has been such a crapfest this week. I've just had that cold and my brain was on pause for the last few days. I promise I'll be better next week. My birthday is next Thursday, so I'll be taking that day and Friday off and I'll even have more time to write and everything.

Coadster wasn't able to get her senior pictures taken today. She called me from work crying. She had a fever and horrible headache and her glands were swollen and her throat was sore. Sound familiar? Yeah, she finally got what Stinky and I had. Poor thing. I called the studio and rescheduled.

I did get to run today and it felt pretty great. I made myself keep it down to 4 miles, so as to avoid a relapse. I didn't check the iPod first, and it was on Coadster's play list. I figured there would be tons of Iron and Wine, Death Cab for Cutie and Sufjan Stevens on it. I just wasn't ready for some of the older stuff on there. She had "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell, "Venus" by Shocking Blue, "Could it Be I'm Falling in Love" by the Spinners, "Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys and lots of Salsa music by Celia Cruz. It turned out to be a really fun playlist to run to.

Soooo, what's on tap for the weekend? Originally, I wanted to just stay home and relax tomorrow night, but I got a call from my friend M. who lives in NYC. Her dad had heart surgery, so she and her husband came to town to be here for him. They want to meet me for a drink, and who am I to say no? They are really wonderful people. He used to work for an independent music label, who put out Nada Surf albums. She is in her late 30's but is still on a kick-ass roller derby team. It's impossible not to have a fun time with them. My friend Eggo also called to see if one of the girls could babysit for her and her husband. Since Coadster is sick, Stinky's going to do it. Eggo's baby is still pretty young, so I plan on being very available if Stinky needs help. I'm sure she'll do just great though.

Some friends of mine are getting married on Saturday, but it's at least an hour away and everyone is camping out, and I can't really do that with my girls. Instead, I'll probably go out with a few friends and maybe see some bands playing later on.

What are all you all's plans? Will you be hanging out with out of town friends, or missing an out of town wedding?


Ananda girl said...

I'm on an open agenda at this point. No real plan, though I will see my Bear and baby Mikey tomorrow for a long walk.

Glad you are getting back on your feet! Poor Coadster, though!

Leo said...

All the best people were born in July!

Remiman said...

Leaving at 0330 tomorrow morning for New Mexico. Will be computerless for 14 days.
Hiking the Rockies at Philmont scout ranch.

NoRegrets said...

I have an unexpected visit from mom, sis, and 2 nieces. ACK! It'll be nice, but damn, I had hoped for a quiet weekend.

enjoy yours!

Tara said...

I like Coadster's playlist that popped up for you!

Weekend plans - well tonight I am taking care of my brother's dog and cat while they're away. I don't have to stay with them, just feed them and take out the dog and play with her a bit.

Saturday I'm going to a flea market with my mom and then going out walking with a friend/coworker. Then Sunday we go to the Melting Pot finally.

em for mighty said...

im glad you got a chance to run. i havent worked out all week for lack of time & energy (i know working out will give me more energy but....)
have a great weekend!

laura b. said...

Poor Coadster. I hope she feels better soon. If it helps, let her know how much we all admire her taste in music :-)

Your friends sound totally cool, of course. I always had a secret wish to do roller-derby. Oops, not secret anymore. Anyway, your weekend sounds amazing...have fun!

Oh, and PS...your blog has not been a crapfest. Hush.

JennyMac said...

Anyone who is in roller derby must be kick ass. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm laying low this weekend. One of the bands I know is playing tonight, but it's been one of those weeks, so I'm just gonna hide in my house.

booda baby said...

Ooh, nice weekend you've got going on. Every once in awhile, I miss a life with a normal order - work weeks/week ends - that kind of thing. But that makes it a really hard call between a wedding and recovering. I DID kind of laugh, thinking of a wedding an hour away. We can't go ANYWHERE that's not an hour away.

So. What are we doing for your birthday?