Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I've Had the Blues, the Reds and the Pinks

Here is a metal sculpture done by one of the artists in the Radillac movement and currently on the Radillac farm.

So, a friend of mine found herself suddenly single last Summer after a 13 year relationship. She is discovering that a lot has changed since dating in her twenties and is often feeling extremely frustrated with men. Since I've been single for many, many, many years (for the most part) I've been through about every annoying stage of trying to find a guy I could be happy with in a committed and healthy relationship...Except actually finding that guy, I guess.

Anyway, we spend a lot of time talking about guys we know* and trying to sort out what they say from how they act. Usually, we end these conversations by using our blanket, "Boys are dumb and so are we for trying to date them..."

On Monday night, Stinky had some other girls over and their conversations sounded sadly too familiar. At one point her friend was saying, "It's so dumb. He doesn't even like her. He even said the only reason he hangs out with her is because she's hot and easy."

"Gross," said Stinky. "I hate guys."

"Word. All guys are stupid," Stinky's other friend said. "We should just go T.P the houses of all the guys we hate!"

At first I laughed in my head, because apparently nothing ever changes. Then I stopped and thought, "Heeeeeeyyyy. These girls have an excellent point." Wouldn't we all feel so much better if we just went over and egged and TP'ed all the boys who have annoyed us and lied to us in the past year? I think it would be the best way to get over all the bullshit. I am absolutely sure we'd feel instantly better.

I did a little emailing with some of my girlfriends about how funny that prospect would be. We kicked around which guys might deserve this special treatment and mentioned Mr. B.. Granted, it would be an hour drive but might prove worth it. My girlcrush answered back that she would be all for it, but then very wisely noted:

p.s. when you're no longer 15, tequila is required for a project of this magnitude

I think the middle of Summer is the perfect time for a tequila induced road trip. Don't you?

* Please remember. I'm not talking about all guys - just the ones we know.


Ananda girl said...

Ha! I love this idea... even the tequila part.

Crazy4coens and I were just talking about this sort of thing... but we did not make this stunning discovery! I think I'll pass it on.

Once more... love your friends, Churlita!

Remiman said...


Anonymous said...

Even though I'm a guy, I'd love to go TP and egg houses. Also, I don't drink, so I would make a great getaway driver.

If you do actually get out and do it, take pictures.

Tara said...

I like the idea of TPing Mr. B's house, especially because he lives far away, so he wouldn't suspect you.

I have never TPed or egged a house before, so maybe this is the right time to start.

em for mighty said...

yikes! i got drunk & did something similar to this with a drunk friend when my soulmate left me....
actually i think it did make me feel better--& thank god he didn't press charges!

NoRegrets said...

Very good note.
TP is a good idea. Charmin? Or somethign lighter?

Mnmom said...

I prefer something more insidious like a tack in their tire. Just enough to look like an accident but you can sit home knowing you've caused a major headache for them - one that will cost them time and money.

I'm lucky I married one of the good ones, but not before kissing a LOT of toads!!! Swear to GOD you men should have an intervention with the bad eggs - they are ruining your good name!

booda baby said...

Anymore, tequila makes me sick. Ever since it made me sick. Although, I have to admit, it wasn't so much the tequila made me sick, but the amount of the stuff.

Anyway, I don't like punishing people for whatever stupid stuff I've had going on and when it comes to the rotten, lying snakes there was always some idiot part of me playing along. Ughkhg. Don't even like THINKING about it.

laura b. said...

haha! Thanks to my kids, I have had enough TP-ing to last me a lifetime. I can appreciate the impulse though :-)