Monday, July 27, 2009

All Your Compliments and Cutting Remarks, Are Captured Here in the Quotation Marks

The name of this band is The Old Man.

So, this weekend was kind of weird. On Friday night I started my hibernation. The plan was to just rest. I had my jammies on by 6 and settling in with my girls to watch Coraline in 3-D around 9'ish. We got about a half hour into it, when our power went out. We hadn't been paying attention. There was this crazy, nasty thunderstorm going on all around us, and we were totally oblivious. We started calling and texting people to find out if they had power, and if they did, was there a tornado warning. Everything outside suddenly got quiet and that's when Coadster freaked. She was sure we were getting hit with another tornado. Luckily, it was just a bad storm.

Then I got a blinding migraine to match the weather outside. We went around lighting candles. I found my meds and had to lie down for most of the evening. The girls read by flashlights and finally went to bed around midnight. Our electricity came back on about one in the morning.

Here is our friend who was drenched in sweat after playing in such a hot, hot room.

I woke up migraine free on Saturday. It was the first day of my list making. I got almost everything on the list done too. Good for me. We'll see how long it lasts. I ran, cleaned my house, took all my recycling in and did a few loads of laundry.

I had to hang out in the parking lot with all the smokers to escape the opressive heat of the building.

On Saturday night, I met my friend G. She had two guy friends back in town for an informal college reunion. They were pretty fun and goofy and went with us to see some live music. The band we went to see was great, but the venue where they played was unbearably hot. One of the bartenders said the air was on, but it was WAY warmer inside than outside. I decided to hang out in the parking lot and then we made a break for it after the first band finished playing.

Back in the cooler confines of the Dublin where all was rainbows and unicorns and happy dolphins.

The Dublin was so much cooler and pleasant. I spent a few hours talking about books and music and drinking cool refreshing beverages. It was perfect.

Today I followed the list for my second day of vacation. I ran, got things ready for Stinky to go to basketball camp, cleaned the inside and outside of my car and went grocery shopping. I love that Coadster still giggles when we sit in the car wash and are getting sprayed by the thing that comes over the roof.

We'll see how tomorrow goes as far as my list is concerned. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on it, so that I don't get disappointed. It does feel good to get most of it accomplished though.


Anonymous said...

I've never experienced a storm in that part of the country. I would think it would be a little freaky when it suddenly gets really quiet (yeah, too quiet).

I'm not a fan of disgustingly hot bars. Luckily, you had a cooler sanctuary to fall back to.

NoRegrets said...

Sounds like a weekend!

Ananda girl said...

I have only been in one bad storm like that way back in third grade and I will never forget it. Too scary!

I think I would love your Dublin!

Johnny Yen said...

Don't work too hard on that list! Enjoy some down time.

I've got a huge list for my break, unfortunately, almost all related to the start of nursing school: a physical (despite the fact that my doctor gave me one during the exam when I got diagnosed with asthma in January-- they want a more recent one), a tb test, a ten part drug test. And then getting ahold of my books and uniform. And god help me, I'm going to tackle the basement if it's the last thing I do...

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

We have had some pretty heavy rains and thunderstorms over the weekend too.. Watching the lightening was cool but I'm a pussy when it crackles next to my house.. I know what you mean about it getting quiet.. the birds even shut up.. its freaky.. Hope the rest of your vacation is thunderstorm/tornado free.. and that you actually get some more stuff accomplished.. even if you don't, it is called a vacation..

Clowncar said...

Everyday you write the book.

Been lurking here the past few days. Feel like the Dublin is my neighborhood bar. Do they have Makers Mark?

Cuz I love Makers Mark.

Enjoy your list/vacation/hibernation.

laura b. said...

Did you guys ever get to finish watching Coraline?
Sounds like things are off to a rousing start in the Land of Churlita's Staycation :-)

crazy4coens said...

i have never been in tornado land during tornado season. i think it would be really scary.

boo yah on the lists! you seem like a make a list and stick to it kinda gal. keep up the great work.

put on the list for tomorrow to have a good time!