Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Toot Toot, Hey, Beep Beep

So, kids. Stinky got a bad stomach flu last night. Poor thing. I think she's feeling better now, but last night was pretty rough.

Today will just be a little photo expose' that some friends and I did when we were out at the bachelorette party. We saw this funky backdrop and decided it would be perfect for mocking senior pictures, but of course, we just cracked ourselves up by making them more and more raunchy. So, soon we were taking senior photos at reform school. Anyway, Here they are. Enjoy... Or not.


Tara said...

Love them! I would be cracking up too if I had been a part of that photo session! :D

laura b. said...

Hope Stinky feels better.

Those photos are awesome! Did you guys arrange to all wear black?

rel said...

I'm thinking you and your girl friends on on to someting with your take on Sr. pictures: cool.

Churlita said...

Tara, Thanks. We just kept laughing at how easily amused we all were...

Laura, The bachelorette invite asked us to dress in black and the bachelorette would dress in white. It made it perfect for these pics.

Rel, thanks. If nothing else, we definitely entertained ourselves.

Mnmom said...