Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One Thing Can Lead to Another, It Doesn't Take Any Sacrifice

Here is a series of photos of The Guy draped in orange cat. It's a good look for him don't you think?

So, it looks like our Qwest modem and everything will be here tomorrow by 5. I hope it works. It would be so nice to have working internet and be able to stream Netflix again. I'll keep you posted on that.

Stinky feels a lot better today. She said her Spanish teacher actually yelled at her for missing class those two days. I told her to tell her teacher that she was puking that whole time and then I asked Stinky if she wanted me to go beat up her Spanish teacher for her...Because I'm going to win the "Mom of the Year" award.


laura b. said...

Yes, the Orange Cat accessory is totally working for The Guy!

Stinky's teacher needs someone to give her a little lesson in appropriate reactions to student illnessess. Geez.

rel said...

Your cat is totally awesome and I think you should sic him on the Spanish teacher.

Susan said...

Your cat is hilarious!