Monday, April 04, 2011

Ride Like the Wind to be Free Again

Archie putting the bike box to good use.

Okay kids. My internet was screwy all weekend...Again. I'm ending my internet relationship with Mediacom and hooking up with Qwest instead. I'll let you know how that works. They won't have it hooked up until the 7th. So, blogging might be even more sketchy this week. Who knew that was possible.

So, here is a quick little pictorial of my weekend. My bike came on Friday and The Guy was so good about putting it all together and having me sit on it and readjusting everything for me. How great is he? Then since we couldn't watch a Netflix streaming movie, because we had no internet, we saw Pirate Radio instead.

On Saturday, we did some things around the house, ran errands and then went on a 30 mile bike ride to a town called Windham. My bike was so much fun to ride and made me very, very happy.
We stopped at a little tavern in town and ate some greasy food and drank a beer before we rode the rest of the way home.

Then we were off getting ready for the bachelorette/bachelor parties we were going to. Stinky babysat for some friends who were also going to the parties.

I met the girls at a bar in Mount Vernon - where the bride was from and had a great time. Then we went to a bar in Solon - where the groom was from.

Then we came back to The Dublin and met up with the guys and had a dance party. Yea! it was fun, but I was exhausted and finally went home around midnight.

It was about 80 degrees here on Sunday and it felt great for our bike ride to Hills. it was crazy windy on the way there, when it was against us and way more fun on the way home. There's really nothing like screaming down a hill on old Highway 218 as fast as you can go. It makes up for almost standing still while we peddled against the wind on the way there.


laura b. said...

New bike, yay! Sounds like you put it to good use already.

I haven't been to a bachelorette party in so long. No one I know ever gets married apparently...

I think we all need to learn whatever dance move was going on in that last photo ;-)

Tara said...

I want a guy who will assemble things for me.

Archie appears to be helping The Guy put the bike together in that second photo. Good cat!

Churlita said...

LauraBa, ha ha. I don't think anyone should do that dance maneuver in the pic of me. It's frightening...But funny.

Tara, I know. I've never had a guy who could assemble things without being angry and controlling before. It is sooo nice.